Webinar 11 of December 2018


On October 2nd, at the ECOFIN meeting, the following three VAT related proposals were approved – subject to the European Parliament’s comments:

(i) The "e-publication" regulation: As part of the EU's digital single market strategy, electronic publications may benefit from reduced VAT rates.

(ii) Generalised domestic reverse charge mechanism: Member States severely affected by carrousel VAT fraud will be allowed to apply temporarily a generalised reversal of VAT liability – provided that certain conditions are met.

(iii) The VAT quick-fixes: These four quick fixes were approved in order to give clarity to  call-off stock schemes, the necessity to obtain the VAT identification number of the customer for exemption of intra-EU supplies of goods (B²B), chain transactions, and  proof of intra-EU supplies.

These and other topics will be discussed during the webinar – and as always you will have time for questions to our speakers.

The webinar will be conducted by Fernando Matesanz (Spanish VAT Services Asesores, Spain) and by Alexandre Savary (Tevea International, France).

Join-in Details will come soon.

Dates for the following webinars:

  1. Tuesday, 5th March at 4 pm CET
  2. Tuesday, 4th June at 4 pm CET

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