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23 January 2018
Meeting with the Cabinet Economisti Associati (CEA)

Stephen Dale and Alexandre Savary represented IVA at the meeting with Economisti Associati which took place on 15th December in Brussels.

23 January 2018
Meeting with the Commission

Stephen Dale and Mark O’Riordan represented the IVA at the meeting with the Commission regarding VAT refund in Germany to taxpayers established in other Member States. The meeting took place on 12th September in Belgium. The formal complaint lodged by the IVA was discussed in detail. Christian Salder of KMLZ is very kindly supporting the IVA on this issue.

22 January 2018
Meeting with HMRC

Stephen Dale and Cyrille Konter represented IVA at the meeting with HMRC which took place on 7th December in Newcastle.

The agenda was very full – see below and a very complete note of the meeting has been made which we have submitted to HMRC for review and sign-off. Please contact Cyrille or Stephen if you have any questions and we will circulate the notes as soon as they are available.

20 October 2016
Judgement in the CJEU Case C-518/14 – Senatex

As expected the Court’s judgement followed the earlier opinion of the Advocate General with the effect that the domestic legislation currently in place in Germany, is now prohibited...

19 August 2016
Lobbying German Case: Re-styled Invoices in Germany

Several IVA members are following the German restyling case referred to the EUCJ. The EUCJ ruling (“C-518/14 Senatex GmbH v Finanzamt Hannover-Nord”) due out this month may follow the Advocate General's (AG) opinion from earlier this year...

12 August 2016
Communiqué from the IVA Board regarding re-styled invoices in Germany

Several IVA members are following the German restyling case referred to the EUCJ. The EUCJ ruling (“C-518/14 Senatex GmbH v Finanzamt Hannover-Nord”) due out this month may follow the Advocate General's (AG) opinion from earlier this year ...

10 October 2015
Fiscalis Event by the European Commission

Mike Molony was representing the IVA as a business delegate, and was acting as a Chair or Rapporteur in one of the Group discussions. Emmanuel Cotessat was also there to represent the IVA. Many thanks to both of them for their time representing your Association...

10 May 2015
Important information regarding VAT claims in France under Directives 2008/9/EC ('8th Directive') and 2006/112/EC (VAT Directive)

Your Association has been very active on your behalf in relation to certain difficulties being encountered with VAT refunds under Directive 2008/9/EC in France (MSR) and regularisations under Directive 2006/112/EC...

21 October 2014
Meeting with the Dutch Authorities

Hilde Blontrock, one of the members of the Board, and Marja van den Oetelaar have been very active on behalf of the Association to ensure that refunds of Dutch VAT under the Directive 2008/9/EC ('8th Directive') continue to be effected in the most efficient manner for ...

06 February 2014
German American Chamber of Commerce

In various ways the legal department of the New York based German American Chambers of Commerce supports enterprises in handling transactions between Germany and the US. For example, we support foreign entrepreneurs, who receive ...

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News from the Board

Meeting with the French Tax Authorities

Representatives of the Board of the Association, Stephen Dale, Emmanuel Cottessat and Cyrille Konter, met with the DINR, the Non-Resident Unit of the French tax authorities in charge of EU companies not established in France but registered for VAT purposes in France.

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News from IVA members

USA - Online sellers are liable to local sales taxes in the USA

On 21 June 2018 the US Supreme Court ruled that out-of-state retailers must charge and remit sales tax, even if they do not have a physical nexus in the customer’s US State. It thereby confirmed the economic nexus legislation introduced by South Dakota. Furthermore, the court’s decision effectively overturns contrary earlier rulings. Other US States will follow South Dakota’s example. US and non-US online sellers with customers in the US must now check whether they are affected.

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News from EC

News from Accountancy Europe - July 2018

The ECON Committee has voted on its non-binding opinion on the Commission proposal for better VAT administrative cooperation, including provisions concerning the certified taxable person (CTP). The file is led by the MEP Roberts Zile (ECR/LAT)...

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