Short resume from the work of the IVA with the Authorities






Problems with excise duties In progress


Belastingdienst will no longer be allowed to refund to intermediaries Meeting with the Dutch Tax Authorities


Problems with the Croatian portal Letter sent to EC and Tax Authorities


Invoices not attached to a claim and the 5MB limit

Letter sent to the French Tax Authorities 


Article 15 -Refusing invoices for images not attached to claim (5mb)

  • Letter sent to the Commission and German   authorities. A meeting was requested.
  • The Commission confirmed our position



Written & Discussed with German Authorities


Slow paying refunds

Meetings with Authorities was arranged by IVA


Claim form signatory Box 9b Claim form



Supplier Addresses Under Refund Directive

This is under review

  Overall German Position versus the rest of the EU Under review and talking to Commission


Slow paying refunds both Local and Foreign Est

TEI Complaint sent to the Commission


3 year prescription period

Letter to the Commission (Jan 2013)


Slow paying refunds both Local and Foreign Est

  • TEI Complaint sent to the Commission (Jan 2013)
  • IVA complaint and acknowledgement were received (Mar 2013)


Slow Paying

  • IVA complaint and acknowledgement were received (Mar 2013)

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News from the Board

IVA Meeting with the Portuguese Tax Authorities

The International VAT Association (IVA), represented by its President, Stephen Dale, and Board Member, Fátima Gouveia, met with the representatives of the Portuguese Secretary of State for Tax Affairs and of the Portuguese VAT Authority on the 9th of July 2019, in Lisbon. The IVA thanked the authorities for meeting with us at short notice.

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News from IVA members

Poland – VAT grouping

In the agenda of the VAT Committee meeting that took place on 16 November 2020, one of the items discussed was the issue of introducing VAT...

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News from EC

News from the EU December 2020
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