Communiqué from the Board dated 6 September 2013 re German Tax Authorities


Communiqué from the Board dated 6 September 2013 re German Tax Authorities 


Dear IVA Members,

As was indicated during the Rome Conference, a meeting has been organized between representatives of the German Tax Authorities and Board Members of the IVA in order to discuss the difficulties that IVA members are facing when claiming VAT back in Germany.

You will find attached the summary of this meeting.

Though we believe this meeting has been positive, there are several issues where the Board believes that the views taken by the German tax authorities are inappropriate or against what was agreed during the Fiscalis Seminar in Zagreb and that further actions should and will be undertaken:

-          In order to obtain from the German tax authorities better communication and guidance, thus providing more legal certainty

-          To develop a legal approach challenging the positions from the German tax authorities that do breach EU principles

We would like to remind you the IVA has lodged an official complaint with the EU Commission that may lead to an infringement procedure.

We look forward to seeing you in Brussels, the topic of Germany being on the Agenda.

Download the Summary of the meeting with the German Tax authoritie.

The IVA more than ever is working with the various authorities on problems that our members are having with them. The position of many authorities has shifted dramatically in recent years towards refunding claims.  As a result we are seeing a marked increase in the number of issues that our clients and members are seeing.  These issues are causing some concern for us and our members.

We are looking forward to receiving your issues with your tax authorities so that we can start working together for their solution. Do not hesitate to contact us.

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