Webinar 3rd September 2019

7th IVA Webinar. September 3rd 2019; 16:00 -17:00 (CET)

Quick Fixes

There are only 4 months left for the implementation of the Quick Fixes. However, there are still many issues and practical implications that need to be solved before the end of the present year if we want a harmonized and uniform implementation of these measures.

In the seventh IVA webinar we will analyze the latest developments regarding the Quick Fixes and their practical implications for businesses.

Attendees will have time for questions to our speakers.


The webinar will be conducted by Fernando Matesanz (Spanish VAT Services Asesores, Spain)


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Date for the following webinar:

10th December at 4 pm CET

      1. Topic: ECJ cases
      2. Speakers: Fernando Matesanz and Christian Salder

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