IVA Webinar - March 14th 2018

The webinar took place on 14th March at 11 CET.

Main topic of the webinar: Call –off stocks and Consignment stocks. Current and the proposed future situation

Speakers: Fernnado Matesanz from Spanish VAT Services (Spain) and Alexandre Savary from Tevea (France)

Attendees: 51

Description of the topic: Keeping stocks of goods in another country in order to be able to rapidly supply its customers is a very common business logistical structure.

Under the general EU VAT rules, the setting-up and holding of and these stocks of goods will in many cases imply VAT compliance obligations in different countries.

However, some Member States have special simplification rules for Call-off stocks and Consignment stocks shipped from other member states. What are these rules and when do they apply?

How should Call-off stocks and Consignment stocks transactions be reported in a VAT return, in the country of departure and that of where the stock is held?

The current situation will significantly change following the adoption of the proposal for a Council Directive amending the current VAT Directive[1]. What are these new rules that are being proposed? Will the future “Certified Taxable Person” status affect the VAT treatment of these transactions? 

 The presentations and the audio from the webinar can be downloaded once logged in.

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