Brussels Autumn 2014


For our 2014 Brussels autumn conference we had a major focus on the MOSS and the significant changes being made to the EU VAT rules with effect from 1 January 2015. We were joined by representatives from the French, UK, Belgian and Italian administrations and the EU Commission to see how these changes will affect business and the role for business to play to make the new system succeed.

We had, in addition, a very full programme with speakers covering VAT regimes from Brazil to Russia and the EU, as well as workshops, technical updates - and a great opportunity for networking.


Time: 23rd - 24th October, 2014

The Brussels Conference started on Thursday 23 October 2014 at 13:00, and ended on Friday 24 October 2014 at 17:00.


The Conference will take place in the Radisson Blu Royal Hotel Brussels in Brussels.

Radisson Blu Royal Hotel Brussels
Rue Du Fosse Aux Loups
47 Wolvengracht
1000 Brussels


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IVA Awards

At the Brussels Conference during the Gala Dinner at the the Chaloupe d'Or restaurant the special nominations for the most active IVA members during 2013 and 2014 were announced by the President of the IVA – Stephen Dale.

The three winners, bestowed special awards from the Association, were:

   1. (Ireland) - Lisa Dowling

   2. IVA Consulta (Spain) - Manuel Pérez de Algaba

   3. P Centore & Associates (Italy) - Maria Teresa Sutich on behalf of Prof. Paolo Centore



Agnes Walckiers - IVA Brussels Conference - October 2014

Agnès Walckiers

MOSS in the EU - will it gather rolling stones?

Agnès Walckiers is a VAT expert in international cooperation for the Belgian Federal Public Service Finances (FPS Finances).

She is the project manager for the implementation of the Mini One Stop Shop (MOSS) in Belgium. She has followed all European workshops defining the functional and technical requirements for the MOSS.

Agnès Walckiers is also the Belgian national expert for the European standing committee on administrative cooperation for VAT matters. She speaks French and English. 

Alessio Nardi - IVA Brussels Conference - October 2014

Alessio Nardi

MOSS in the EU - will it gather rolling stones?

Mr Alessio Nardi is an official of the European Commission; he is an Italian national and formerly an officer in the Guardia di Finanza.

In 2005 he worked at the Italian Embassy in London, with British law enforcement agencies, dealing with anti-corruption, international tax evasion and anti-money laundering cases.

In 2010, he joined the European Commission, in OLAF, the European Anti-fraud Office. At the beginning of this year, he joined DG TAXUD and is responsible for the correct and timely implementation of the MOSS.

Carla van Rijn - IVA Brussels Conference - October 2014

Carla van Rijn

Dutch authorities approach on tackling VAT fraud

Carla van Rijn is a VAT expert, working at the VAT fraud unit part of the Fiscal intelligence and investigation office in the Netherlands 

She studied law and joined the Dutch Tax Administration in 1984 as VAT inspector. Since 1998 she is involved in the fight against intracommunity VAT fraud.
In the Netherlands there is a central approach for VAT fraud, coordinated by the VAT fraud unit. This unit collaborates with the local tax offices, investigators, prosecutors, the Ministry of Finance and EU commission about the best way to stop this fraud.
Mrs van Rijn has been coordinator of one of the Working fields of Eurofisc, a decentralised network for closer cooperation between Member States in the fight against intracommunity fraud.  She is also involved in several European working groups and twinning projects.
Donato Raponi - IVA Brussels Conference - October 2014

Donato Raponi

EU Commission Update - new Commissioner, new Strategy?

Mr. Donato Raponi joined the European Commission in 1980 and is currently Head of the VAT Unit. He worked in the Budget, Internal Market and Taxation Directorates. 

In the area of taxation policy he served in different posts, e.g. administrator, assistant to the Director, Deputy Head of the VAT Unit, Head of the Unit dealing with excise duties, environment, transport and energy duties and Head of tax administration and anti fiscal fraud Unit. 

Mr. Raponi holds a Masters degree in European Tax Law and a Bachelor in Economics. He is Co-Author of the book “Arriva l’euro” (Carmenta Editor) and several articles in tax matters. He is professor of European Tax Law at Ecole supérieure des sciences fiscales, Brussels, Belgium.

 Emmanuel Cotessat - IVA Brussels Conference - October 2014

Emmanuel Cotessat

Chain Transactions

Emmanuel is a French tax lawyer specializing exclusively in indirect taxes (VAT, Excise and Customs duties). After 10 years of experience at Price Waterhouse Tax and Legal and then Arthur Andersen International, he started his own consulting law firm in 2000. He has specifically built a significant experience in international supply chain structuring, ERP/SAP VAT implementations and multi-national advisory and compliance coordination. His main areas of activity are pharmaceuticals, energy utilities, aeronautics and chemicals. He is a partner of VAT Forum CV and regularly lectures at international VAT events.


 Fernando Matesanz - IVA Brussels Conference - October 2014

Fernando Matesanz

VAT Update - Spain

Fernando Matesanz is the owner and Director of the firm named Spanish VAT Services Asesores SL. He Counts on more than twelve years of experience in providing advice in VAT and other Indirect Taxes. 

Fernando holds a Bachelor of Laws and a Degree in European Legislation. He also holds a Master of Laws (LLM) in Corporate Tax Law from the IE Business School. 

He is an active Tax Lawyer, member of the Bar and a certified Tax Advisor. 

Fernando began his carrier within the VAT Group of Ernst & Young, managing the VAT and customs practice for more than eight years. After that, he founded the firm Spanish VAT Services Asesores SL a firm exclusively working on international VAT matters and other Indirect taxes. Spanish VAT Services is currently one of the main VAT services providers for small and medium-sized companies within the Spanish market. 

Fernando regularly acts as speaker and lecturer in different Universities and organizations. He is also a member of the VAT Forum CV. 

 Francois Coutureau - IVA Brussels Conference - October 2014

François Coutureau

VAT update - Belgium

François Coutureau joined the Belgian Tax Administration in 2004 as VAT inspector and is now counselor*, specialist in international VAT. He is working at the central office, taking into charge the implementation of the European legislation and writing instruction for local tax offices. He is for example involved in the issues over the place of supply of services connected with immovable property. François is also co-author of several books about VAT (VAT Package, Larcier,2010; Master Class VAT, Larcier 2011).

*during this conference, the orator does not represent the Belgian tax administration

Hannes Gurtner - IVA Brussels Conference - October 2014

Hannes Gurtner

Reciprocity Principle / Worldwide

Dr. Hannes Gurtner is tax partner and head of the VAT department at LeitnerLeitner and has more than 15 years experience in the field of European VAT.

He permanently publishes articles and commentaries to international VAT topics, acts as a speaker on various seminars and congresses and leads VAT-trainings and educational sessions in businesses as well as in public educational organisations and universities.

With his long lasting experience in European VAT, especially for the CEE region, he is a sought-after adviser for various international companies doing or starting doing business in countries where they are non-resident.

Jonathan Heath - IVA Brussels Conference - October 2014

Jonathan Heath

MOSS in the EU - will it gather rolling stones?

Jonathan Heath has been the head of HMRC's VAT Central Liaison Office since April 2010. The CLO is responsible for VAT administrative cooperation with other Member States.

This covers VAT information exchanges with other EU administrations, aspects of the EU VAT Refund system (ensuring that the UK system handles outgoing claims correctly), and implementation of the Mini One Stop Shop system. Jonathan has been part of the EU working group that was formed in 2011 to look at issues around the implementation of the EU VAT Refund system, and has been involved in the development of the MOSS implementing legislation.

Jonathan is also the UK representative on the EU's Standing Committee for Administrative Cooperation (SCAC)

Mark O'Riordan - IVA Brussels Conference - October 2014

Mark O'Riordan

VAT Refund Issues

Mark O'Riordan is Chairman & Chief Executive in Meridian. Mark joined Meridian in 1998 and was appointed Chairman and Chief Executive in October 2004. Prior to this he was Operations Manager at BBL Finance Ireland, an international merchant bank based in the International Financial Services Centre in Dublin. Since 1998, Mark has held a variety of executive positions within Meridian, namely Operations Director, Managing Director North America, Client Services Director EMEA and Director of Business Services, Mark also had responsibility for the Groups Treasury requirements during this time. 

Mark took over the position of Chairman and Chief Executive in 2004 having acquired a vast knowledge of the business and the company.

Mark is a qualified Chartered Accountant (FCA) and holds an MBA from The Open University.

Michel Blanco - IVA Brussels Conference - October 2014

Michel Blanco 

MOSS in the EU - will it gather rolling stones?

Michel Blanco is a VAT officer of the French Public Finances Directorate General (DGFiP).

Since 2011 he is working at the VAT unit of the Tax management department for businesses and recovery action.

He is a project manager for the implementation of several EU VAT related projects such as the french VATRefund portal and the Mini One Stop Shop (MOSS) in France. As such  he attended all the technical workshops defining both the functional and technical requirements for the MOSS. He also promotes the french MOSS portal in several seminars held in France and in other member states.

Michel Blanco is also one of the French national experts for the European standing committee on administrative cooperation for VAT matters (SCAC). He speaks English, Spanish and French. 

Olga Maximova - IVA Brussels Conference - October 2014

Olga Maximova

VAT Update - Russia

Olga Maximova is a Partner and Business development director in MarkPrior, one of the main VAT services providers within the Russian market.

She counts on more than eighteen years of experience in providing advice in VAT and other Indirect Taxes. She is Co-Author of the book “Taxation of Foreign Companies and   branches in Russia” and several articles in tax matters. Olga is a member of National Advisory Council on Tax Legislation reforming. She regularly acts as speaker and lecturer in different organizations.

Olga holds a Masters degree in Economics and an MBA from the Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO. Married, has 4 children.

 Dr.Stefan Maunz - IVA Brussels Conference - October 2014

Dr. Stefan Maunz

CJEU cases - what's new from Luxembourg?

Dr. Stefan Maunz advises clients on all VAT matters and represents them in dealings with the tax authorities and before the tax courts, the German Federal Finance Court and the European Court of Justice. The majority of his clients consist of larger medium sized businesses, German corporate groups and foreign companies of all sizes. He regularly lectures on VAT topics at both the domestic and international level. A further important focus is advising on customs issues, in particular, those connected with import VAT.

Dr. Stefan Maunz is a visiting lecturer at the University of Munich and a member of various national and international VAT research groups and VAT clubs as well as a partner of VAT Forum C.V. He was recently appointed to the European VAT Expert Group and is also a member of the EU VAT Forum. Both groups have recently been established by the EU Commission.

Dr. Stefan Maunz is recommended as a leading taxation lawyer in Chambers, World Tax Handbook as well as the German JUVE-Handbook.

Stephen Dale - IVA Brussels Conference - October 2014

Stephen Dale

MOSS session - feedback - members' views

Stephen Dale is a partner in the Indirect Tax group and compliance services in Landwell and has worked in French taxation for more than twenty years, having previously worked with PricewaterhouseCoopers in the UK.

Stephen is a member (and former Chairman) of the FEE (Fédération des Experts Comptables Européens) indirect tax working party and a  member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales VAT Committee (and former Chairman). He represents the IVA on the EU VAT Forum and is a member of the OECD’s  Global VAT Forum.

He is a board member of the Association de la Pratique de la TVA européenne (APTE).

Stephen is also President of the International VAT Association. He is the author of several publications like VAT Yearbook – Kluwer, VAT Guides – PwC, Articles – International Indirect Tax, BNA, journals and newspapers.


Vinicius Jucá Alves

VAT Update - Brazil

Vinicius Jucá has extensive experience in consulting and tax litigation, he is an expert in value-added taxes, such as ICMS, IPI, PIS/COFINS and ISS, having advised clients in various industries such as beverages, cosmetics, automotive, infrastructure, energy and defense. From 2009 to 2010 he worked at Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP in the United States.

Vinícius holds LL.M. degree in Tax Law with honors from Georgetown University, he is specialized in Economic and Corporate Law from Fundação Getulio Vargas and graduated from the Law School of Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo.

Vinícius is also the President of the Georgetown Alumni Club of Brazil, Admitted and Member of the New York State Bar Association (NYSBA) and visiting Professor at the Law School of Fundação Getulio Vargas.


The conference was very enjoyable and informative. It was particularly interesting for me to hear directly from the German Tax Authorities and I found the breakout sessions very helpful in clarifying some niggling import VAT questions that come up regularly.
The event was very well organised with a good mix of people from different backgrounds and experience, which made for some great discussions over dinner. I look forward to the next one!

Lisa Dowling, (Ireland)


It was a great pleasure for me to attend the IVA Conference in Brussels and would like to thank you for the invitation and the perfect organization of the conference.

Peter Pichler, LeitnerLeitner (Austria)


It was a very good conference.  I think the speaker content was good.

Jane Holmberg, United Cash Back (Switzerland)


We really enjoyed the conference and very much appreciate the work you put into it.

Nicholas Hallam, Accordance (UK)


It was very well organized. I look forward to seeing you again in Madrid next time!

Alexandre Savary, Lowendalmasaï (France)


It was great to be in Brussels.

Elin Schnedler (Denmark)

 I enjoyed the conference and found it to be professional and business-like.  I look forward to the next one. An important thing for me is to hear different views and opinions on topics, and that was of great benefit.

Steve Botham, Covertax Chartered Tax Advisers (UK)


I have to say that the conference was very well organized and all your support was very valuable. In addition the information distributed during the conference was of high quality and really updated.

Nikos Siakantaris, Unityfour (Greece)


I enjoyed the conference and I think it was overall a success.

Andreas Kozanitis, VAT Systems (France)


We really enjoyed the conference and very much appreciate the work you put into it.

Nicholas Hallam, Accordance (UK)


I really enjoyed the conference.

Richard Asquith, TMF VAT Services (UK)


I would enjoy to participate also in future events.

Stefan Maunz, KMLZ (Germany)

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