Stockholm Autumn Conference 2018


Dates: 18th and 19th October 2018

Main topic:

Worldwide Indirect Taxation – Digitalisation – Its Impacts and Consequences for Taxpayers and Administrations


The conference will take place in the Sheraton Stockholm Hotel.

Tegelbacken 6
101 23 Stockholm



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Anne Kaleva - IVA Conference - April 2021

Anne Kaleva, 

Senior Tax Advisor with 15 years of experience in taxation related questions, specialization in VAT and indirect tax issues. Work experience in both public and private sector. Anne holds a Master degree in economics.

Currently she works in the Finnish Tax Administration in Steering and Development Unit. Anne is also a part time Judicial Secretary in the Finnish Central Tax Board.

Catarina Belim - IVA Conference - April 2021

Catarina Belim, 

Catarina is a Portuguese tax lawyer specializing in Indirect Tax and Customs. After more than 10 years-experience in Deloitte and VdA, Catarina founded her own firm in which she provides multi-skilled assistance to clients, covering practical and comprehensive tax and customs advice, representation in litigation and compliance, reporting, invoicing and licensing matters. Catarina is a proud member of international organizations driving the development of Indirect Taxes such as IVA, GLCA and AIJA. At national level, Catarina is a member of ANJAP - Portuguese National Association of Young Lawyers, in which she actively cooperates for the development of its Tax Commission – Indirect Taxes group. Since 2015, Catarina is a Certified Arbitrator for VAT and Excise Duties matters next to Portuguese Administrative and Tax Arbitration Centre. Catarina publishes regularly about VAT and Customs and is very active in promoting events for the discussion and further development of these matters.

Dr. Christian Salder - IVA Conference - April 2021

Dr. Christian Salder, KMLZ (Germany)

Christian advises clients on all aspects of national and international VAT issues and specializes in customs and excise duty matters. His particular focus is on import VAT related issues as well as optimizing cross-border supply chains and processing schemes. Christian has extensive experience in carrying out SAP-VAT audits and customs reviews. He also accompanies external audits and represents clients before tax authorities and fiscal courts. His clients range from individuals to international groups.

He is a post-graduate degree lecturer at the University of Münster and regularly lectures on VAT and customs related topics, as well as regularly publishing comments, articles and annotations in these areas.

Cyrille Konter - IVA Conference - April 2021

Cyrille Konter, TEVEA International (France)

Graduated from HEC in 1997 with a specialisation in Finances, Cyrille Konter started his career in Germany within various investment banks as structureur and seller of derivatives on action. In 2003, he returns to France to take over the business development of TEVEA International.

Prof. Dr. David Hummel - IVA Conference - April 2021

Prof. Dr. David Hummel, European Court of Justice (Luxemburg)

David Hummel is since October 2016 legal secretary (référendaire) at the European Court of Justice at the cabinet of advocate general Kokott.

Before (2013 – 2016) he represented several tax law chairs at the Universities of Münster, Trier, Leipzig and Hamburg. In mid-2017 the appointment as a Professor at the University of Leipzig took place. His academic career starts with the Study of Law at the University of Leipzig, a Graduation (Phd) as an assistant of Prof. Dr. Stadie with a VAT-Thesis in 2009 and a Habilitation in 2013 with the matter: „Rechtsformneutralität im Öffentlichen Recht“ (neutrality of legal forms in public law – venia legendi: public law, especially tax law and public economic law).

David Hummel is one of the authors of, inter alia, „Rau/Dürrwächter“ (commentary of the VAT-Law), „Kirchhof/Söhn/Mellinghoff“ (commentary of the income tax law) and “Hübschmann/Hepp/Spitaler” (commentary of the procedure tax law). Furthermore he is engaged as a tutor in the field of European Tax Law and State Aid Law.

Emmanuel Cotessat - IVA Conference - April 2021

Emmanuel Cotessat, E. Cotessat Law Firm (France)

Emmanuel is a French tax lawyer specializing exclusively in indirect taxes (VAT, Excise and Customs duties). After 10 years of experience at Price Waterhouse Tax and Legal and then Arthur Andersen International, he started his own consulting law firm in 2000. He has specifically built a significant experience in international supply chain structuring, ERP/SAP VAT implementations and multi-national advisory and compliance coordination. His main areas of activity are pharmaceuticals, energy utilities, aeronautics and chemicals. He is a partner of VAT Forum CV and regularly lectures at international VAT events.

Eric Thorén - IVA Conference - April 2021

Eric Thorén, 

Eric Thorén is development strategist and responsible for digitised chains at the Swedish Tax Agency. He has several years of experience from managing and developing customer interaction and solutions within the Swedish Tax Agency as well as from managing strategic communications.

Fernando Matesanz - IVA Conference - April 2021

Fernando Matesanz, Spanish VAT Services Asesores (Spain)

Fernando Matesanz is the owner and Director of the firm named Spanish VAT Services Asesores SL. He Counts on more than twelve years of experience in providing advice in VAT and other Indirect Taxes.

Fernando holds a Bachelor of Laws and a Degree in European Legislation. He also holds a Master of Laws (LLM) in Corporate Tax Law from the IE Business School.

He is an active Tax Lawyer, member of the Bar and a certified Tax Advisor.

Fernando began his carrier within the VAT Group of Ernst & Young, managing the VAT and customs practice for more than eight years. After that, he founded the firm Spanish VAT Services Asesores SL a firm exclusively working on international VAT matters and other Indirect taxes. Spanish VAT Services is currently one of the main VAT services providers for small and medium-sized companies within the Spanish market.

Fernando regularly acts as speaker and lecturer in different Universities and organizations. He is also a member of the VAT Forum CV.

Gwenaelle Bernier - IVA Conference - April 2021

Gwenaelle Bernier, 

Gwenaëlle Bernier is leading the Tax Technology & Transformation group in France and Western Europe (WEM), a practice in charge of implementing the Digital Tax Strategy in a digitally connected word. She used to be the leader of the Indirect Taxes practice for many years. She has developed a specific expertise, combining IT and tax related matters, including data analytics, electronic invoicing, tax settings of ERP systems, RPA, blockchain, data warehousing solution and e-archiving. She is an expert in assisting businesses in the framework of tax audits including electronic data processing (Accounting Entry File in France and SAF-T).

She has been a member of the VAT expert group at the European Commission since 2012, she is President of the Association AFNTIC (regrouping French tax specialists in  IT systems) and Member of APTE (Association des Praticiens de la TVA Européenne).

She is the author is several publications among which a VAT book (« La TVA racontée aux dirigeants et à leurs conseils  » Ed. LexisNexis, 3rd edition, April 2016) and in the Jurisclasseur on « Electronic Invoicing » (fasc. no 2735) and « Electronic tax audits » (fasc. no 326).

Michaela Merz - IVA Conference - April 2021

Michaela Merz, 

Michaela joined PwC Switzerland in 1997 and has over 20 years of professional experience in advising domestic and multinational companies in area of indirect taxes.

Patrick G. Ngabonziza - IVA Conference - April 2021

Patrick G. Ngabonziza, 

Founder & Chairman of MobiCash Group --- a group of companies that enables fintech, banking and government innovation with the capabilities required to foster them. As a leading expert in disruptive innovation, innovation culture, and business model innovation, he is a passionate entrepreneur on a mission to drive greater financial inclusion to bank every person on earth regardless on his financial status.

As a versatile, action-oriented professional who delivers results, Patrick has developed an award-winning technology platforms for digital governments in tax collections (mobivat), social security schemes (mobigrant), national savings schemes (mobisave) and smartcities (mobicities).

With a BSc degree in Computer Systems Engineering of University of Charleroi, Belgium, 1974 and a vast professional experience in various IT domains, he have a full understanding of the full life cycle of IT development projects.

He was recently newly appointed as a Member of The Scientific Committee at IVA (International VAT Association), he is on a mission to rethink the VAT system by developing a simpler, more robust and efficient VAT system.

Rahil Jularr - IVA Conference - April 2021

Rahil Jularr, VAT IT (South Africa)

Rahil Jularr has been with the VAT IT Group since 2011 and has held numerous positions including heading up a technical team in the Legal and Compliance Department. Having a very keen interest in European VAT laws, both on a legislative as well as procedural level and specifically in relation to VAT reclaim, he has attended various VAT courses and has previously presented at the IVA in Switzerland in 2016. During the VAT IT Group’s recent acquisition of Meridian VAT Reclaim, Rahil was based in Dublin to manage and assist with all aspects of the acquisition and transition. Rahil, who is currently part of the management team at VAT IT, has a Degree in Accounting with a specialization in Tax.

Rajendra Kumar - IVA Conference - April 2021

Rajendra Kumar, Sanjiv Shah & Associates (India)

Prasan Rajendra Kumar is a Chartered Accountant in Practice in Chennai, India. He is a senior partner of Sanjiv Shah & Associates and leads the Indirect Tax Practice of the firm. He is a Commerce graduate from the prestigious University of Madras and is also a Cost and Management Accountant. He serves as a member of Technical Advisory Group to Working Party 9 on Consumption Tax at the OECD. He is also the past president of International Chamber of Indirect Tax Professionals. RK as he is popularly known has carved a niche in the area of Consumption Taxes and is much sought after resource person across the globe. His views are sought by clients and policy makers in equal measure. Apart from donning leadership roles RK is a voracious reader, avid traveller and singer. 

Raymond feen - IVA Conference - April 2021

Raymond feen, ALLVAT (Netherlands)

Is an experienced international VAT consultant. He has worked since 1996 in international VAT for a Big Four (9 years) and 6 years in industry as in-house VAT manager. He is frequent speaker at international seminars, organizes trainings for the Federation of Dutch exporters, the Chamber of Commerce and is partner of VAT Forum CV. For the IVA he supports the board as member of the technical committee and writes in the Dutch chapter of the European VAT Handbook. His focus is on the international supply chain and trade by companies, primarily US based and Swiss multinationals doing business in the European region.

Riccardo Cassisa - IVA Conference - April 2021

Riccardo Cassisa, 

After the degree in Economics Riccardo Cassisa got a Master in Business Administration.

Since 2002 he has been working at several operational offices of the Revenue Agency, dealing with analysis, prevention and fighting of tax evasion and fraud.

From September 2007 to February 2008 he was seconded as “National Expert in Professional Training” at the Internal Audit Capability of Directorate General Enlargement – European Commission, giving a contribution to several reports and providing legal advises and analysis to the HoU.

In 2011 Riccardo joined the Exchange of Information Unit of Central Directorate for Tax Assessment, being part of working groups aimed at tackling international cases of tax evasion and fraud.

In June 2014 he moved to the Directives Unit of the Governance Sector, which was in charge of defining the strategy of the assessment activity with a specific focus on all the VAT and customs issues.

Since 2016 he is at the Project management Unit, being in charge of the tax analysis of different working groups in the VAT field (e-invoicing, VAT reporting obligations, digitalization of tax free shopping and to/from San Marino transactions, risk management).

Ruth Corkin - IVA Conference - April 2021

Ruth Corkin, The VAT Practitioners Group (UK)

Ruth is the national Technical Chair for the VAT Practitioners Group. She is also an Associate specialising in indirect taxes with Hiller Hopkins LLP in the UK. In her VPG role, Ruth has worked closely with HM Revenue and Customs (“HMRC”) on the “Making Tax Digital” project, ensuring that HMRC is fully aware of the challenges faced by taxpayers unused to accounting software.

She also represents the VPG and the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (“ICAEW”) on various committees with HMRC and was seconded to the Office of Tax Simplification for seven months in 2017 to look at ways of simplifying the VAT code in the United Kingdom.

Sascha Jafari - IVA Conference - April 2021

Sascha Jafari, 

Sascha holds a Master degree in taxation by the University of Maastricht. In the past he worked for accenture as a consultant in the Financial Services industry, and later on for Deloitte in the Tax Management Consulting unit. His unique skill set allows him to build a bridge between IT and taxation. Although these two fields are not often combined, Sascha has been programming software for many years and knows how to bring IT and taxation together. In the past he built tax analytics software and internal fraud investigation tools for publicly listed companies. In 2013 he first learned about blockchain technology and was amazed by the potential of this technology. Only later he learned what enormous value this technology can have for the VAT world. Finally in 2017 he started summitto to build the first triple entry accounting system to prevent VAT fraud throughout the EU in a confidential and secure manner.

Stephen Dale - IVA Conference - April 2021

Stephen Dale, HEDEOS société d'avocats (France)

Stephen Dale is a partner in a specialist VAT practice in Paris in HEDEOS société d'avocats and has worked in French taxation for more than twenty years, having previously worked with PricewaterhouseCoopers in the UK.

Stephen is a member (and former Chairman) of the FEE (Fédération des Experts Comptables Européens) Tax Policy Group and a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales VAT Committee (and former Chairman). He represents the IVA on the Expert Group and is a member of the OECD’s Global VAT Forum.

He is a board member of the Association de la Pratique de la TVA européenne (APTE).

He is the author of several publications such as VAT Yearbook – Kluwer, VAT Guides – PwC, Articles – International Indirect Tax, BNA, journals and newspapers.

Stina Faerje - IVA Conference - April 2021

Stina Faerje, 

Stina Färje is Service Design Coordinator VAT at the Swedish Tax Agency. She has several years of VAT related experience, such as managing and coordination compliance programs as well as service design development.


"Let me also add a few words of appreciation for your efforts and those of your team."

Sheik Mia, MobiCash Group Ltd. (Rwanda)


“Again, it was a great event”

Dr. Hans-Martin Grambeck, nesemann & grambeck Steuerberatung (Germany)


"Thank you very much for welcoming me at the IVA conference in Stockholm. I enjoyed the presentations as well as the interesting talks I had with the other attendants."

Dr. Christian Königsheim, Taxdoo (Germany)


It was my pleasure and an honour to contribute to this great conference. Always at your disposal to support the idea of IVA.

Dr. Christian Salder, KMLZ (Germany)


I cherish the conference memories. Will always be there for IVA.

Rajendra Kumar, Sanjiv Shah & Associates (India)


It is fair to conclude that the conference was a great success! So many people have contributed in so many ways to turn this event into a smoothly running meeting with many very interesting presentations and a very good atmosphere for discussion and networking. We truly enjoyed it, and learned a lot. Everyone we met was super nice. You did a great job with the Conference. We had a great time, and met some super folks. We hope to meet all of you next year in Munich.

MobiCash Group Ltd. (Rwanda)


“Well done Alexandra and team on another successful conference and agenda.”

Jane Holmberg United Cash Back (Sweden)


"Thanks a lot for the great organisation of the conference."

Prof. Dr. David Hummel, European Court of Justice (Luxemburg)


"The conference was great experience, with really interesting agenda and perfect organization. I will be happy to participate in future ones."

Maciej Krolikowski, Ayming Poland


"It was my pleasure and do count on my support for any future initiates. My personal thanks for all the great work developed for IVA and in pushing VAT matters forward!"

Catarina Belim, Belim, RL (Portugal)


It was really nice to be in this very interesting conference.

Anne Kaleva, Finnish Tax Administration


It was a great pleasure for me to have the chance to give my presentation in such a stimulating environment. I hope we all will have the opportunity to “boost” the net-working of the conference. I want to finally thank Alexandra for her super-efficient assistance.

Riccardo Cassisa, Italian Tax Administration


My thanks go to you and the IVA for giving me the opportunity to speak. I had a wonderful time and met some great people. Everyone made me feel so welcome.

Ruth Corkin, The VAT Practitioners Group (UK)


"I have really enjoyed the conference in Stockholm, thank you for organization and all the effort!"

Natalia Banasiewicz, J&M Consulting Sp. z o.o. (Poland)


Photographer: Anton Nachev,

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