Brussels Autumn 2013


IVA celebrated its 20 years anniversary!


Time: 24th – 25th October, 2013

The Brussels Conference started on Thursday 24 October 2013 at 13:30, and ended on Friday 25 October 2013 at around 16:00.


The Conference took place in the Radisson Blu Royal hotel in Brussels.

Rue du Fossé aux Loups 47 Wolvengracht,
1000, Brussels, Belgium


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 Donato Raponi - IVA Brussels Conference - October 2013

Donato Raponi

Head of Unit, European Commission, Taxation and Customs Union

Mr. Donato Raponi joined the European Commission in 1980 and is currently Head of the VAT Unit. He worked in the Budget, Internal Market and Taxation Directorates. 

In the area of taxation policy he served in different posts, e.g. administrator, assistant to the Director, Deputy Head of the VAT Unit, Head of the Unit dealing with excise duties, environment, transport and energy duties and Head of tax administration and anti fiscal fraud Unit. 

Mr. Raponi holds a Masters degree in European Tax Law and a Bachelor in Economics. He is Co-Author of the book “Arriva l’euro” (Carmenta Editor) and several articles in tax matters. He is professor of European Tax Law at Ecole supérieure des sciences fiscales, Brussels, Belgium.

Dr.Stefan Maunz - IVA Brussels Conference - October 2013

Dr. Stefan Maunz

Lawyer, Certified tax consultant

Dr. Stefan Maunz advises clients on all VAT matters and represents them in dealings with the tax authorities and before the tax courts, the German Federal Finance Court and the European Court of Justice. The majority of his clients consist of larger medium sized businesses, German corporate groups and foreign companies of all sizes. He regularly lectures on VAT topics at both the domestic and international level. A further important focus is advising on customs issues, in particular, those connected with import VAT.

 Dr. Stefan Maunz is a visiting lecturer at the University of Munich and a member of various national and international VAT research groups and VAT clubs as well as a partner of VAT Forum C.V. He was recently appointed to the European VAT Expert Group and is also a member of the EU VAT Forum. Both groups have recently been established by the EU Commission.

Dr. Stefan Maunz is recommended as a leading taxation lawyer in Chambers, World Tax Handbook as well as the German JUVE-Handbook.

Astrid Gruenkorn - IVA Brussels Conference - October 2013 Astrid Gruenkorn

German Tax Authorities




Back again from a wonderful conference last week in Brussels. I really enjoyed it and we got a lot of new information. Also we had some opportunities to meet other members.

Gerard van den Berg, Transpass Group (Netherlands)


It was a pleasure to attend the conference in Brussels. The presentations and discussions were very useful, some of the topics were closely related to our daily issues (e.g. court cases, chain transactions, reciprocity agreements, etc. - I am going to share the most relevant und updated pieces of information with my colleagues on internal trainings). For me it was a special value to learn the opinion of people not only from consulting firms but also from different tax authorities.

Ákos Cseuz, ABT Treuhand Group (Hungary)


I really enjoyed participating in the conference and I will certainly attend the next one in Berlin. I had a good time in the conference and it was very useful from a business perspective as well.

Pedro Pestana da Silva, EY (UK)


My compliments for the fantastic conference! Count me in for the next years.

Marja van den Oetelaar, Het BTW Advies Kantoor (Netherlands)


It was a great and interesting conference. Looking forward to the next edition!

Wouter Baes, A.VAT.S. (France)


The conference was very interesting and the presentations really useful for me.

Maria Teresa Sutich, P Centore & Associates (Italy)


It was a real pleasure to meet you and the organization at the Brussels conference; an excellent event, I must say.

Pedro Soares da Silva, MLGTS (Portugal)


The conference was excellent, thank you for organising and well done!

Brendon Silver, VATit GROUP (UK)


I personally found the discussions and the conference very interesting and well organized.

Dario Bazargan, Cruise Lines International Association Europe


I hear the event was excellent.

Darren Aldrich, Fiscal Solutions (UK)

I would like to thank you for these two days of fruitful discussions and hope this event will contribute to make MOSS a success.

Michel Blanco, EU VAT Unit Officer


I thoroughly enjoyed the conference! It’s fantastic to hear directly from the EU Commission and the various tax offices and also to speak directly with colleagues throughout Europe who encounter the same VAT issues that we do. I’m looking forward to the next one!

Lisa Dowling, (Ireland)


It was a terrific conference. Congratulations!!

Vinicius Jucá, TozziniFreire (Brazil)


I'm glad I had the opportunity to attend. A well organised and informative event.

Jonathan Heath, HMRC


We really enjoyed the conference, very interesting and really nice. Next year, I am willing to participle.

Katia Diaz, OmniVAT Consulting (Belgium)


A very successful IVA meeting!

Hilde Blontrock, Eneman Brugge (Belgium)


I thank you for a lovely time in Brussels.

Patrick van der Torren, Smart VAT Consult IVS (Denmark)


Thanks for the proper care and organization of the Conference.

Peter Guerten, Dutch Tax Authorities (after Brussels 2014)


I want to thank you, IVA, for allowing me to join the MOSS session and also the presentation of my Dutch colleague Carla Van Rijn.

Arafan Kamara, SPF Finaces



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