Virtual Spring Conference 2021

Save the dates 25th, 26th and 27th May 2021!

Topic of the conference: VAT With(out) Borders

Our forthcoming Spring conference will be the occasion to stand back and take an overview of the VAT regime in the EU and its boundaries. The EU Commission’s working program from July setting out a clear set of actions on a number of VAT priorities aims to make the EU VAT system more widely harmonized, while Brexit clearly reintroduces borders to the VAT “table”.

The VAT authorities of several countries will present their updates on cross-border issues and e-invoicing in its multiple EU versions with a focus on technology which is becoming a real ally to VAT advisers, consultants and administrations. Customs and excise duties will not be forgotten, as their interaction with VAT in the EU will become deeper..  

Through the interactive breakout sessions we will address a number of very practical issues, such as the “quick fixes” in order to clarify if borders were demolished or if different practices still challenge businesses; E-commerce reform which in itself will erase a “few boundaries” through the single EU VAT registration and the further extension of the One Stop Shop (“OSS”). The TOMS within the EU, is in need of reform, and will be further discussed – as well as the Commission’s other initiatives..

As you can see, there will be plenty of very interesting topics to be discussed, so, save the date right now for our next, once again 100% digital IVA and highly interactive conference.


Andrew Tucker - IVA Conference - March 2021

Andrew Tucker, HMRC (UK)

Andrew Tucker is Head of VAT Deductions and Financial Services policy in HMRC.  Prior to his current role he headed up the VAT policy team in HMRC dealing with EU Exit.  He has previously led a variety of teams and projects across a number of different UK Government departments including on legal aid reform, devolution and in the somewhat niche area of coroners and burials.  He is a trustee of two charities, is Chair of Governors at a free school in London and (at the time of writing) is currently training for the London Marathon.  He is married to Jane with two daughters Hannah (7) and Sophie (5).

Bradford Rohmer - IVA Conference - March 2021

Bradford Rohmer, Oxford Research (Sweden)

Bradford Rohmer is a partner at Oxford Research, a small policy research consultancy (bizarrely) based in Stockholm. He has spent the last 12 years specialising in evaluations and related studies for the European Commission, with a focus on applying social research techniques rigorously to assignments across a range of policy areas. These have included in particular studies in the fields of tax and customs policies. He is currently team leader for the study on the review of the VAT treatment of the financial and insurance industries, and among others has recently completed an evaluation of the Fiscalis programme for tax cooperation. Bradford has degrees in European studies and political science from the Institute of European Studies of the Free University of Brussels and Sciences-Po Strasbourg.

Cyrille Konter - IVA Conference - March 2021

Cyrille Konter, TEVEA International (France)

Graduated from HEC in 1997 with a specialisation in Finances, Cyrille Konter started his career in Germany within various investment banks as structureur and seller of derivatives on action. In 2003, he returns to France to take over the business development of TEVEA International.

Damien Moras - IVA Conference - March 2021

Damien Moras, VAT4U (Germany)

Damien Moras is Founder and Managing Director of VAT4U. Armed with an academic background in business administration and finance from Toulouse-Barcelona Business School along with 12 years of consultancy with a strong focus on strategic costs optimization and financial risk mitigation strategies, Damien has managed strategic projects across different regions for large corporations, including digitization of the tax function. His work, has been going well beyond borders: Barcelona, Paris, Milan and Düsseldorf. Damien co-founded VAT4U with the core commitment of improving the way corporations recover VAT.

Prof. Dr. David Hummel - IVA Conference - March 2021

Prof. Dr. David Hummel, European Court of Justice (Luxemburg)

David Hummel is since October 2016 legal secretary (référendaire) at the European Court of Justice at the cabinet of advocate general Kokott.

Before (2013 – 2016) he represented several tax law chairs at the Universities of Münster, Trier, Leipzig and Hamburg. In mid-2017 the appointment as a Professor at the University of Leipzig took place. His academic career starts with the Study of Law at the University of Leipzig, a Graduation (Phd) as an assistant of Prof. Dr. Stadie with a VAT-Thesis in 2009 and a Habilitation in 2013 with the matter: „Rechtsformneutralität im Öffentlichen Recht“ (neutrality of legal forms in public law – venia legendi: public law, especially tax law and public economic law).

David Hummel is one of the authors of, inter alia, „Rau/Dürrwächter“ (commentary of the VAT-Law), „Kirchhof/Söhn/Mellinghoff“ (commentary of the income tax law) and “Hübschmann/Hepp/Spitaler” (commentary of the procedure tax law). Furthermore he is engaged as a tutor in the field of European Tax Law and State Aid Law.

Emmanuel Cotessat - IVA Conference - March 2021

Emmanuel Cotessat, E. Cotessat Law Firm (France)

Emmanuel is a French tax lawyer specializing exclusively in indirect taxes (VAT, Excise and Customs duties). After 10 years of experience at Price Waterhouse Tax and Legal and then Arthur Andersen International, he started his own consulting law firm in 2000. He has specifically built a significant experience in international supply chain structuring, ERP/SAP VAT implementations and multi-national advisory and compliance coordination. His main areas of activity are pharmaceuticals, energy utilities, aeronautics and chemicals. He is a partner of VAT Forum CV and regularly lectures at international VAT events.

Fabian Völkel - IVA Conference - March 2021

Fabian Völkel, VAT4U (Germany)

Fabian Völkel is Founder and Managing Director of VAT4U. After legal studies in Münster, Düsseldorf, New York, and London, Fabian worked for 15 years in consultancy at Clifford Chance, KPMG, Ayming (Ex-Lowendalmasai) and TALA Consult before starting VAT4U. His professional focus is on cross-border VAT, combining operational aspects of VAT compliance and VAT recovery with IT technology. Fabian holds a Ph.D. from the University of Munster and an LL.M. (Tax) from the University of London.

Fatima Gouveia - IVA Conference - March 2021

Fatima Gouveia, Comark Consultoria LDA (Portugal)

Fátima Gouveia is a Portuguese Economist with Post-Graduations in Taxation. Born in in 1968, she entered Comark, Lda. in 1992, and is General Manager since 2014. She has been working in VAT issues, including cross-border VAT for about 20 years. All her professional experience has been focused in international business and cooperation. Comark, Lda is a member of the IVA since 1998 and has been on the IVA Board in the last 5 years.

Fernando Matesanz - IVA Conference - March 2021

Fernando Matesanz, Spanish VAT Services Asesores (Spain)

Fernando Matesanz is the owner and Director of the firm named Spanish VAT Services Asesores SL. He Counts on more than twelve years of experience in providing advice in VAT and other Indirect Taxes.

Fernando holds a Bachelor of Laws and a Degree in European Legislation. He also holds a Master of Laws (LLM) in Corporate Tax Law from the IE Business School.

He is an active Tax Lawyer, member of the Bar and a certified Tax Advisor.

Fernando began his carrier within the VAT Group of Ernst & Young, managing the VAT and customs practice for more than eight years. After that, he founded the firm Spanish VAT Services Asesores SL a firm exclusively working on international VAT matters and other Indirect taxes. Spanish VAT Services is currently one of the main VAT services providers for small and medium-sized companies within the Spanish market.

Fernando regularly acts as speaker and lecturer in different Universities and organizations. He is also a member of the VAT Forum CV.

Giacomo Luchetta - IVA Conference - March 2021

Giacomo Luchetta, Economisti Associati (Italy)

Giacomo Luchetta is a senior evaluator for Economisti Associati, a boutique consultancy providing services to the European Commission and other international organisations. Over the last 10 years, he has delivered several evaluations and foresight studies for various directorate-generals, with a focus on fiscal policies. For DG Taxation and Customs, he has worked on excises, administrative cooperation, and VAT issues. In the latter area, he currently is deputy team leader for the study on the review of the VAT treatment of the financial and insurance industries, and was so for the study on the evaluation of e-invoicing rules. Giacomo has a law-and-economics background, with a PhD from LUISS University and a joint LL.M. from the Universities of Gent and Rotterdam.

Mojca Grobovsek - IVA Conference - March 2021

Mojca Grobovsek, 

Mojca Grobovsek is an indirect tax specialist and has been working in the field of VAT for 11 years now. She has started as a VAT Manager in a private company specialized in VAT recovery and VAT Compliance. In 2011, she wanted to give another significant dimension to my career. She therefore decided to join the Paris Chamber of Commerce, where she was working as a tax expert for the Enterprise Europe Network, which aims at helping SME,’s to develop and to support their activities on the European market. In July 2016, Mojca has joined Ayming as a VAT Expert where she identifies tax risks and propose compliant VAT schemes to their clients and their subsidiaries. Mojca also participates to commercial and partnership development. She deals with technical analysis of all kind of indirect tax issues and has a strategic oversight of the businesses. Mojca is also an official trainer on indirect taxation (VAT and customs) for the Paris Chamber of Commerce and takes often part of different conferences as a guest or as a speaker.

Stephen Dale - IVA Conference - March 2021

Stephen Dale, HEDEOS société d'avocats (France)

Stephen Dale is a partner in a specialist VAT practice in Paris in HEDEOS société d'avocats and has worked in French taxation for more than twenty years, having previously worked with PricewaterhouseCoopers in the UK.

Stephen is a member (and former Chairman) of the FEE (Fédération des Experts Comptables Européens) Tax Policy Group and a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales VAT Committee (and former Chairman). He represents the IVA on the Expert Group and is a member of the OECD’s Global VAT Forum.

He is a board member of the Association de la Pratique de la TVA européenne (APTE).

He is the author of several publications such as VAT Yearbook – Kluwer, VAT Guides – PwC, Articles – International Indirect Tax, BNA, journals and newspapers.

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