Dates: 21 and 22 October 2021

Topic: VAT 3.0: Tax, technology, and threats

Place: Brussels Marriott Hotel Grand Place

Address: Rue Auguste Orts, Grand Place 3-7, 1000 Brussels, Belgium

Those dealing with VAT are being challenged like never before, whether it be in relation to the scope of the tax, the increased use of technology by administrations and business and, due to it being a real-time imposition, the scope for errors. More than ever the management of this global tax requires very careful consideration.

Businesses and administrations need to know where the VAT is coming from and where it is going? How are the new e-commerce rules being applied across Europe since the 1st of July;  what is the level of simplification perceived by businesses? What are the difficult issues that they are still facing? How is the growing role of technology affecting VAT compliance, refunds, or VAT in general? What is the latest news on JCT, GST and EAU VAT? What are the hot topics the European Commission is working on?

We will be addressing all of these subjects, not only from an EU but also from a worldwide perspective.  

VAT practitioners, businesses, European and global institutions, and VAT authorities’ representatives from different parts of the world will share their experience and views at our next IVA hybrid conference that will take place in Brussels and online, so don’t miss it and be there!


Damien Moras - IVA Conference - October 2021

Damien Moras, VAT4U (Germany)

Damien Moras is Founder and Managing Director of VAT4U. Armed with an academic background in business administration and finance from Toulouse-Barcelona Business School along with 12 years of consultancy with a strong focus on strategic costs optimization and financial risk mitigation strategies, Damien has managed strategic projects across different regions for large corporations, including digitization of the tax function. His work, has been going well beyond borders: Barcelona, Paris, Milan and Düsseldorf. Damien co-founded VAT4U with the core commitment of improving the way corporations recover VAT.

Donato Raponi - IVA Conference - October 2021

Donato Raponi, TAJ (France)

Donato Raponi has worked in the Ministry of Finance as a Tax Inspector from 1976 until 1979; and in the European Commission from 1979 until 2017. He is now an Independent Consultant dealing with indirect taxes.

He holds a Master degree in European Tax Law and Bachelor in Economics. He is honorary professor of European Tax Law at Brussels Business Management School. He is Co-Author of the book “Arriva l’euro” (Carmenta Editor) and numerous articles in tax matters.

Emmanuel Cotessat - IVA Conference - October 2021

Emmanuel Cotessat, E. Cotessat Law Firm (France)

Emmanuel is a French tax lawyer specializing exclusively in indirect taxes (VAT, Excise and Customs duties). After 10 years of experience at Price Waterhouse Tax and Legal and then Arthur Andersen International, he started his own consulting law firm in 2000. He has specifically built a significant experience in international supply chain structuring, ERP/SAP VAT implementations and multi-national advisory and compliance coordination. His main areas of activity are pharmaceuticals, energy utilities, aeronautics and chemicals. He is a partner of VAT Forum CV and regularly lectures at international VAT events.

Fatima Gouveia - IVA Conference - October 2021

Fatima Gouveia, Comark Consultoria LDA (Portugal)

Fátima Gouveia is a Portuguese Economist with Post-Graduations in Taxation. Born in in 1968, she entered Comark, Lda. in 1992, and is General Manager since 2014. She has been working in VAT issues, including cross-border VAT for about 20 years. All her professional experience has been focused in international business and cooperation. Comark, Lda is a member of the IVA since 1998 and has been on the IVA Board in the last 5 years.

Dr. George Salis - IVA Conference - October 2021

Dr. George Salis, Vertex (USA)

George L. Salis, is a recognised economist, lawyer, and tax professional, with over 25+ years of international tax experience in international tax and trade compliance, tax planning and controversy, fiscal regulation and economic consulting. He specializes in international economic law; including taxation, fiscal & economic policy, transfer pricing and trade regulation, often working with international and intergovernmental organisations and multinational companies, and universities.

George is an experienced analyst and advisor to senior executives in global firms, intergovernmental organizations, and tax administrations on matters of taxation, global tax and fiscal policy, transfer pricing, VAT, tax treaties, EU tax law, customs & trade regulation, global information exchange and reporting regulation.

He is an adjunct professor of graduate tax law, risk analysis, and economics at Texas A&M University Law School, and formerly at other universities. The author of several articles related to international tax, economics, fiscal and tax policy, and global trade and finance in many professional publications, he is also a contributing author to the LexisNexis’ U.S. Transfer Pricing Guide, 4thEd, and other professional magazines and journals, as well as a frequent speaker at global conferences, government symposia, and professional roundtables.

George holds a PhD in International Law & Economic Policy, an LLM in International Tax Law, and LLM (Hons) International Taxation & Financial Services, an LLB (Hons), and BSc (Hons) in Economics, Political Science and Philosophy. He is the recipient of both the Advanced Certificate in EU Law, from the Academy of European Law, European University Institute, Florence, Italy, and the Executive Certificate in Economic Development, at the Harvard Kennedy School of Government. He is a Certified Business Economist (CBE)-US National Association for Business Economics (NABE) Charter.

Jean Claude Bouchard - IVA Conference - October 2021

Jean Claude Bouchard,  SAS Cabinet Bouchard & Associes (France)

Jean Claude Bouchard fell into the VAT pot some 56 years ago, started his career as a VAT consultant with CMS Francis Lefebvre where he stayed some 40 years, then joined TAJ (Deloitte) for seven extra years. During his career he has pleaded quite a number of cases and more specifically over 10 cases by the ECJ.

He was a member of the VAT expert group for seven years. He launched the creation of the European VAT club; with your present chairman, he launched in France an association grouping VAT practitioners from businesses and from lawyers: an association which is regularly in confident contacts with the tax administrations.

He had the honor and the pleasure to chair the IVA for over 10 years et cetera et cetera.

He has succeeded in convincing the EU Commission that the definitive VAT regime should be based on the "single place of declaration" principle, forcing the tax administrations to converge in their common monitoring of the tax, thus affording businesses to develop their activities within the EU in an environment fostering fiscal certainty.

Manuel Pérez de Algaba Cuenca - IVA Conference - October 2021

Manuel Pérez de Algaba Cuenca, IVA Consulta (Spain)

Manuel Pérez de Algaba Cuenca, a Spanish lawyer and economist with a long experience as tax advisor, including seventeen years in multinational firms. Since 1999 provides independent tax advice through his firm IVA Consulta.

Founder member of VAT-Forum, member of the International VAT Association (IVA) and its Scientific Committee, member of Tax, Tourism & Law (TTL), a network of specialists in the taxation of the tourism sector. He frequently participates as lecturer in the formation activites and courses organized by these bodies.

Manuel Sieben - IVA Conference - October 2021

Manuel Sieben, AWB Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH (Germany)

Manuel Sieben is a tax advisor and, as managing director at AWB Steuerberatungsgesellschaft (AWB Tax Consultancy), is responsible for advising clients, especially in the areas of customs and preferential law. In particular, he is the contact person for legal issues and the implementation and optimisation of process organisation with regard to compliance with regulations relevant to foreign trade.

Until mid-2011, he worked in the senior service of the German customs administration at the main customs offices in Krefeld and Düsseldorf. He also completed the internationally oriented Master of Customs Administration (MCA) degree programme at the University of Münster.

At the AWA AUSSENWIRTSCHAFTS-AKADEMIE (AWA FOREIGN TRADE ACADEMY) he regularly holds seminars on customs and preferential law topics as a lecturer. He is also an author of various publications on customs law. 

Michael Wilton - IVA Conference - October 2021

Michael Wilton, HMRC

Michael is a VAT policy specialist in HM Revenue and Customs. He is responsible for Overseas VAT refunds, commodities and exports of Finance and Insurance services, as well as advising on EU Transition VAT issues.

He has 6 years of VAT experience which includes working in HM Treasury in 2018. He has held the role of Legal Interpretation Tax Gap lead and is also trained in direct taxes. Michael holds an MA in Finance from Bangor University.

Miguel Correia - IVA Conference - October 2021

Miguel Correia, Portuguese Tax Administration

Miguel Correia is a Deputy Director-General of the Portuguese Tax and Customs Authority, responsible for VAT. He has accumulated a wide international experience in tax policy and tax consulting over the past two decades, in the public and private sectors. Prior to his current position, he worked as counselor for fiscal affairs at the Permanent Representation of Portugal to the European Union, in Brussels, and as tax advisor at Deloitte in Lisbon and PricewaterhouseCoopers in New York. Miguel holds a PhD in Tax Law from the London School of Economics.

Mojca Grobovsek - IVA Conference - October 2021

Mojca Grobovsek, Ayming France

Mojca Grobovsek is an indirect tax specialist and has been working in the field of VAT for 11 years now. She has started as a VAT Manager in a private company specialized in VAT recovery and VAT Compliance. In 2011, she wanted to give another significant dimension to my career. She therefore decided to join the Paris Chamber of Commerce, where she was working as a tax expert for the Enterprise Europe Network, which aims at helping SME,’s to develop and to support their activities on the European market. In July 2016, Mojca has joined Ayming as a VAT Expert where she identifies tax risks and propose compliant VAT schemes to their clients and their subsidiaries. Mojca also participates to commercial and partnership development. She deals with technical analysis of all kind of indirect tax issues and has a strategic oversight of the businesses. Mojca is also an official trainer on indirect taxation (VAT and customs) for the Paris Chamber of Commerce and takes often part of different conferences as a guest or as a speaker.

Dr. Nathalie Harksen - IVA Conference - October 2021

Dr. Nathalie Harksen, AWB Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH (Germany)

After studying law at the Universities of Marburg, Münster and Paris, Dr. Nathalie Harksen is working as a lawyer in tax law.

She is a managing partner of AWB Steuerberatungsgesellschaft and AWB Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft with offices in Münster, Munich and Hamburg. The AWB provides a further platform for assisting multinationals in their cross-border activities relating to customs, VAT, excise duties and export controls. Nathalie specializes in the customs and VAT implications of cross-border transactions. Due to her studies in customs law at the University of Münster, she advises multinational clients on the interfaces between VAT and customs with particular emphasis on VAT, import VAT and Incoterms.

She is an experienced trainer and holds seminars throughout Germany for the management staff of major German companies in VAT, customs and intrastat topics. She also has been accredited by the ICC as trainer for Incoterms2010. Furthermore, she is a guest lecturer at the Federal Finance Academy in Berlin.

Nathalie is one of the authors of „Rau/Dürrwächter“ (commentary of the VAT-Law - § 21 import VAT and § 21a special arrangement) and publishes regularly on customs and VAT issues.

Nils Vanhassel - IVA Conference - October 2021

Nils Vanhassel, AURIFER (United Arab Emirates)

Nils Vanhassel is a tax lawyer who specializes in indirect taxation, with a particular focus on VAT. After starting his career at PwC Belgium, he became an associate at Tiberghien Lawyers, one of Belgium's leading tax law firms. In 2019, he moved to the Middle East, where he became a Counsel at Aurifer Middle East Tax Consultancy.

Since coming to the Gulf region, Nils has gained extensive experience with both direct and indirect taxation in the Middle East. During his career, Nils has advised clients from a wide variety of sectors. This has allowed him to gain considerable expertise in dealing with complex VAT matters. Nils’ career path offers a unique perspective, having worked in a mature VAT jurisdiction before coming to the GCC region, where VAT was only recently implemented.

Nils regularly gives presentations on various tax topics and he is a frequent author of articles on taxation in the EU and GCC. Nils also co-authored several reference works on Belgian VAT, such as the Tiberghien Tax Law Manual and the VAT Manual published by Larcier.

Nils holds an LL.M. (Master of laws) from the University of Ghent and has also obtained a postgraduate in Tax Law from the Brussels Tax College. He is the recipient of the Advanced Professional Certificate in International Taxation (APCIT) from the International Bureau of Fiscal Documentation (IBFD).

Patrice Pillet - IVA Conference - October 2021

Patrice Pillet, European Commission (Belgium)

Patrice Pillet is the Head of Unit for indirect taxation legal affairs, in DG Taxud (European Commission). He is therefore responsible for the management of complains, the handing of infringement procedures as well as other legal issues (including preliminary rulings) in the area of indirect taxation.

He was previously Head of Sector responsible for VAT on electronic commerce (2008-1016). He has also previously been responsible for international affairs and technical assistance in the Customs Directorate of DG Taxud (2004-2008), as well as for fighting VAT fraud and promoting mutual assistance in tax matters (1998-2004).

Piet Battiau - IVA Conference - October 2021

Piet Battiau, Head Consumption Taxes Unit at OECD

Piet Battiau is the Head of the Consumption Taxes Unit in the Centre for Tax Policy and Administration (CTPA) of the OECD. He is responsible for the OECD's expanding work on indirect taxes, including the International VAT/GST Guidelines and the OECD Global Forum on VAT.

He has been included in the International Tax Review’s Global Tax 50 of the world’s most influential persons in tax policy and practice every year since its inception in 2011.

Piet joined the OECD in 2011. He began his career as a tax inspector for the Belgian Ministry of Finance in the early 1990’s before moving on to an international financial institution in 1995, where he became Head of International Taxation and subsequently Head of Public Policy. He was also Chairman of the Fiscal Committee of the European Banking Federation.

He studied Law in Brussels and Ghent and holds a Law degree and a degree in Tax Science.

Raymond Feen - IVA Conference - October 2021

Raymond Feen, ALLVAT (Netherlands)

Is an international VAT consultant. He has worked since 1996 in international VAT for a Big Four and worked several years in industry as in-house VAT manager. In 2010 he started his own VAT consulting firm ALLVAT. He is frequent speaker at international seminars, organizes trainings for the Federation of Dutch exporters, the Chamber of Commerce, the International VAT Expert Academy (IVEA) and is partner of VAT Forum CV. He is currently a board member of the IVA and liaises with the IVA members outside the EU. His focus is on the international supply chain in Europe and more recently the GCC.

Sophie Claessens - IVA Conference - October 2021

Sophie Claessens, Amazon Europe (Belgium)

Sophie is a member of Amazon’s EU public policy team in Brussels where she is leading and coordinating Amazon’s VAT and corporation tax policy efforts at a pan-EU level. 

She has previously worked as a tax advisor at PwC and has advised many technology, ecommerce, media and telecoms businesses on VAT. She works closely with EU policy stakeholders on reforms to the VAT system, including the implementation of the VAT ecommerce package, but also on future VAT reforms. She holds a Master degree in Law and an Executive Master in Taxation. She is author of different publications on VAT and the digital economy.

Stephen Dale - IVA Conference - October 2021

Stephen Dale, HEDEOS société d'avocats (France)

Stephen Dale is a partner in a specialist VAT practice in Paris in HEDEOS société d'avocats and has worked in French taxation for more than twenty years, having previously worked with PricewaterhouseCoopers in the UK.

Stephen is a member (and former Chairman) of the FEE (Fédération des Experts Comptables Européens) Tax Policy Group and a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales VAT Committee (and former Chairman). He represents the IVA on the Expert Group and is a member of the OECD’s Global VAT Forum.

He is a board member of the Association de la Pratique de la TVA européenne (APTE).

He is the author of several publications such as VAT Yearbook – Kluwer, VAT Guides – PwC, Articles – International Indirect Tax, BNA, journals and newspapers.

Takuma Yamazaki - IVA Conference - October 2021

Takuma Yamazaki, OPTI (Japan)

Joined ORIX Corporation in 1995, engaged in business development and investment in overseas business units. In 2006, transferred to Singapore investment subsidiary ORIX Investment and Management as President. After that, worked as Managing Director in departments including Overseas Business Investment, Strategic Investment, and Overseas Business Development.

Carried out many projects including investment in Vietnam and Singapore under joint management with listed enterprises in Singapore, business development of microfinance as director of the listed enterprise in Sri Lanka, financing Cambodia's largest commercial bank, and M&A of Indonesia's second-largest independent finance company. After the investments were implemented, promoted with team members hands-on development of new business in Vietnam, Cambodia, and Myanmar with invested enterprises, PMI (Post Merger Integration) for an acquire in Indonesia, and investment strategy planning in Thailand and Malaysia.

Having experience of cross-border investment among industrial companies and PMI, started to be willing to support the overseas business development of Japanese companies in a hands-on way. Also sympathized with Fuchigami, who had worked together in ORIX, and his idea “making world’s tax matters easy by the cloud.” Confident in the growth potential of OPTI as TaxTech and joined its management by co-funding.

Graduated from Kwansei Gakuin University.

Thibauld Manson - IVA Conference - October 2021

Thibauld Manson, French Tax Administration

Thibauld Manson is currently Tax Attache for Germany, Austria and Switzerland at the French Embassy in Berlin.

Prior to his current position, he was the head of the French VAT Refund Unit for foreign businesses, international organizations and diplomatic missions at the non-resident tax directorate (DINR).

Thibauld attended the Ecole Normale Supérieure (ENS) de Cachan and has 15 years of experience in both public and private sectors regarding economic and tax issues.

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