The IVA - what will I get from it?

Why are more and more VAT professionals joining?

Members of the IVA benefit from the actions of their Association in four main areas as follows:

Lobbying: being registered in the Lobbying List in the EC the IVA interacts on behalf of its members with tax authorities and rule making bodies (both national and at international levels eg the EU Commission, the OECD...) to defend and promote the interests of its members. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Actions are taken in the name of the IVA; you can, if you wish, remain anonymous when talking to the authorities
  • Cost – the costs of any action are shared across all members – you do not have to pay the whole costs yourself
  • Shared Knowledge – we share knowledge between the members
  • Group Feedback – the IVA is there to support you in your actions
  • Speedier resolution of issues - as the IVA has excellent contacts at the level of tax administrations but also the Commission, OECD etc, the IVA can get you in contact with the right person more quickly.
  • Far higher chance of achieving your goals.

Education: through the presentations and the workshops organized during the conferences, members are kept up-to-date on all current VAT issues, both within and outside of the EU.

Networking: for members the IVA is an excellent forum for them to find partners and to develop new opportunities.

Operational support: the IVA can assist its members when they are faced with specific technical issues.

In addition to the above, IVA members:

  • Have access to the members’ only LinkedIn group which will soon become the main place for VAT professionals to discuss issues affecting members;
  • Receive the IVA’s monthly newsletters with up-to date VAT information, on legislation, court decisions, progress at the Commission and OECD on tax policy;
  • Obtain free attendance at the IVA’s spring and autumn conferences where you will have the unique chance to establish personal contacts with VAT professionals from around the world;
  • Members have in the “Members Area” access to more than 100 personal contacts with VAT professionals from different countries who will be able to assist or help you.

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News from the Board

Fighting VAT Fraud

The IVA directly contributed to the translation of the French translation of the EU VAT FORUM Guide on enhanced cooperation between Member States and Business in the field of fighting VAT fraud in support to the work of the EU VAT FORUM and the Commission.

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News from IVA members

UK – To extend the scope of joint & several VAT liability for online marketplaces

The UK government has confirmed that from 30 June 2018, in an effort to prevent VAT fraud all UK-based businesses that are involved with fulfilling orders of imported goods for third party businesses will need to apply to join a new approved fulfilment house register.

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News from EC

Tax Policy Update – Accountancy Europe

Tax Policy Update – Accountancy Europe

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