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Abstract from the IVA Newsletter - April 2018:

Dear VAT professionals,

In this issue:

1.Welcome to our latest IVA Member
2. Second IVA Webinar
3. Important VAT/GST Information
3.1. EU Commission draws up a proposal for a new “digital service tax”
3.2. Germany - Applicable Law on Taxation of Travel Services
3.3. Sweden – Latest News
4. European VAT News
5. World VAT/GST News
6. VAT Expert Group (VEG)
7. News from Accountancy Europe

1. Welcome to our latest IVA Member

Please welcome the latest new member of the International VAT Association – their contact details are on our website:

Kindred Group (UK), represented by Benoit Dudebout

2. Second IVA Webinar

Date: June 6th 2018
Time: 11:00 -12:00 (CET)

Topic: New VAT Rules in 2019: New Place of Supply rules for e-services and VAT action plan rules for 2019

Directive 2017/2455 as well as Implementing Regulation 2017/2459 have been recently approved introducing simplified place of supply rules for electronically supplied services. These measures will be a relief for small companies supplying International B2C services.
Following the proposal from the European Commission for harmonising and simplifying the common VAT system, certain rules will come into force in January 2019. These rules refer to simplifications for consignment stock arrangements, chain transactions as well as the recognition of the status of Certified Taxable Person.

3.1. EU Commission draws up a proposal for a new “digital service tax”

In the EU Commission’s view, the existing corporate tax law has failed when it comes to the taxation of revenue generated by the digital economy. An interim tax of 3% on specific online revenues should be levied until the OECD is able to come forward with a long term global solution. The Commission proposes that companies with a world-wide revenue exceeding EUR 750 million would be affected. The placing of online advertising, the facilitation of online sales portals and the sale of user data would all be taxed. Thus, the digital service tax would be focused on the USA’s internet giants, which represent more than 50% of the businesses affected.

3.3. Sweden – Latest News

Proposal for increased tax surcharge
The Swedish government has recently published a white paper which proposes increased tax surcharges in order to strengthen the general preventive effect of the tax surcharge and to make the sanctions system more legitimate and fair. The proposal implies that the tax surcharge may amount to as much as 27% in case of repeated errors and for discretionary assessments. The legislative amendments are proposed to enter into force on April 1, 2019.

5. World VAT/GST News


The Russian Ministry of Finance has proposed significantly lowering its import VAT and duty exemption threshold for goods imported into the country (“low value consignment relief”).

Currently foreign suppliers can use this relief to import goods with a value under €1,000 VAT and custom duty free. However, if introduced the threshold will be reduced to €500 from 1 July 2018, with a further reduction to €200 on 1 January 2019.

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News from the Board

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News from IVA members

Sweden – Latest News

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News from Accountancy Europe May 2018

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