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Abstract from the IVA Newsletter - May 2017:


Dear VAT professionals,

In this issue:

1. Feedback from the IVA Spring Conference in Estoril
2. Welcome to our latest IVA Member
3. Save the Dates for the IVA Autumn Conference in 2017
4. Important VAT/GST Information

   4.1. Germany - German Ministry of Finance on cross-border tax audits
   4.2. Spain – SII

5. European VAT News
6. News from Accountancy Europe – formerly the Federation of European Accountants



1. Feedback from the IVA Spring Conference in Estoril

I would like to thank you for the organisation of this conference. We had very fruitful presentations and discussions with the private sector. I think it is both valuable for public administration and private sector.

Agnès Walckiers, European Commission

E-commerce and VAT is clearly a subject which is still very much at its early stages but when we look at the projections as to how e-commerce is growing and will continue to grow, it is clear that the EU (and Global) VAT system needs to evolve rapidly to ensure that consumption is fairly taxed and distortions of competition avoided as far as possible.
The IVA conferences are a unique occasion for tax administrations, the EU Commission and other regulatory bodies to meet with businesses operating globally and to discuss issues in the area of VAT/GST.

Stephen Dale, Chairman of the IVA

Thank you for the invitation. I did appreciate the opportunity to be present and listen to the wide range of views. I do think the IVA events are a good way of getting (in current HMRC parlance) the “customer view”, and hearing some of what is happening in other administrations is also useful. E-commerce is a rapidly changing area that needs addressing. That will need cooperation between businesses and administrations and better cooperation between administrations too.

Jonathan Heath, HMRC

Thank you again for your invitation; it was a very interesting and important Conference for both tax administrations and business. In fact, e-commerce is on the stage and we all need to change points of view on VAT issues in order to find good solutions on this subject.

Olivia Mauricio, Portuguese Tax Administration

Thanks a lot for your kind help during the Conference in Estoril. It was a pleasure to be there during such interesting event.

Marcos Álvarez Suso, Spanish Tax Administration

Many thanks again for your kind invitation to the IVA Spring conference. The event was success.

Marie Lamensch, Vrije Universiteit Brussel

Thanks for all the organization last week. As usual, it was really well done.

Pedro Pestana da Silva, Marosa

It was a pleasure to be at the conference.

Fred Vervaet, LyondellBasell (Netherlands)


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2. Welcome to our latest IVA Member

Please welcome the latest new members of the International VAT Association: 

  • AWB Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH (Germany), represented by Dr Nathalie Harksen


3. Save the Dates for the IVA Autumn Conference in 2017

The IVA Spring Conference will take place on 19th and 20th October 2017 in Brussels, Belgium. 




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