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Abstract from the IVA Newsletter - August 2018:

Dear VAT professionals,

In this issue:

1. Welcome to our latest IVA Members
2. Communique about the IVA Activities in 2018
3. IVA Webinars
4. Important VAT/GST Information
4.1. EU Finance Ministers reach agreement on package of VAT measures
4.2. VAT in the United Arab Emirates
5. European VAT News
6. World VAT/GST News
7. News from Accountancy Europe

1. Welcome to our latest IVA Members

Please welcome the latest new members of the International VAT Association:

- Ernst &Young SA (Switzerland), represented by Philippe Verclytte
- Essentia Global Services Ltd (UK), represented by William Morrison
- Telf AG (Switzerland), represented by Sergiy Dynchev
- UAB Finance Group (Lithuania), represented by Erika Ivanauskaitė

2. Communique about the IVA Activities in 2018

If you missed the Communique about the IVA’s Activities in 2018 you can find it on the following link:

If you have any questions or you require more details please don’t hesitate to contact the designated Board member.

3. IVA Webinars

Please save the date for the next IVA webinar: 11th December at 11:00 AM CET. Further information will follow shortly.

The dates for the first two webinars in 2019 are already published here:

4. Important VAT/GST Information

4.1. EU Finance Ministers reach agreement on package of VAT measures

On 02.10.2018, the EU Finance Ministers in the ECOFIN reached a decision on a number of measures in the field of VAT legislation. The ECOFIN agreed on the so-called “quick fixes” proposed by the EU Commission last year and these shall apply as of 01.01

6. World VAT/GST News


India now requires all electronic marketplaces to retain a GST lump sum of 2 % of the trader transactions and to remit the amount to the tax office. Thus, online marketplace operators need to register for GST purposes in every Indian state to which supplies are made. Further details, regarding the declaration and payment procedure, have yet to be published.


The Ukrainian Ministry of Finances has announced that the customs exemption for online purchases will have a new threshold. Effective from 1 January 2019, the threshold will be three online purchases amounting to 150 EUR each/per month, instead of the current total of 150 EUR per month.


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News from the Board

Communique about the IVA activities in 2018

You can find the document here.

News from IVA members

VAT in the United Arab Emirates

After the implementation of its first consumption tax in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) is continuing to make efforts to make compliance easy for businesses...

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News from EC

News from Accountancy Europe - October 2018

The European Commission has published latest figures (from 2016) on VAT gap in the EU in a new report. The Commission also published a helpful table summarising the VAT gap situation in the EU...

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