Italy - National Practice - Circolare 32/E of 30 December 2014

National Practice - Circolare 32/E of 30 December 2014 – VAT Refund - Amendment of Article 38 bis of DPr.633/1972

The new rules for the simplification of the VAT refund system in Italy entered into force the 13 December 2014. The simplification consists in speeding up the refund procedure through a reduction of obligations to fulfil in order to obtain the VAT paid. The main changes are:

  • The guarantees previously required are not needed for amounts less than 15.000 €.
  • For the amount exceeding 15.000 €, instead of the guarantee it is possible to provide the tax return or a certified request that shows the conditions necessary to be entitled to obtain the refund. The guarantee is required only in a situation where the authorities consider that there is a risk of evasion.
  • The refund is due within three months from the date of submission of the return.

Prof. Paolo Centore

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