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20 February 2019
Germany now referred to the EUCJ because of the IVA’s actions!

Taxation: Commission refers GERMANY to the Court for its failure to align with EU rules on VAT refunds

23 January 2019
Spain–Notice about not reaching a BREXIT Agreement

Please be informed that the Spanish authorities have issued a notice informing about the consequences as of March 30, 2019 of not reaching a BREXIT agreement that includes a transitory period, namely...

23 January 2019
Quick Fix regarding intra-Community supplies – problem for intra-Community transfer of goods?

On 4 December 2018, the ECOFIN adopted the so-called Quick Fixes, to operate as of 1 January 2020. The Quick Fix on intra-Community supplies of goods sees the purchaser’s VAT-ID-No. as being a mandatory requirement for zero-rating (exemption with credit).

23 January 2019
UK - Brexit ‘no-deal’

In the case of a no-deal Brexit, HMRC, the UK tax authority, is, we understand, working on a number of procedures requiring UK legislative changes to ensure that VAT continues to be properly collected once the UK leaves the EU. The measures may include, for example, legislation to allow the  UK to collect VAT on imports of postal packets valued at less than £135 (in line with Customs values).

13 December 2018
United Kingdom

The UK has just released a Business brief on Certificates of Status and in particular dealing with rejected claims for the years 2016/17 and 2017/18...

13 December 2018
Russia – Latest Update

Russia has approved the law increasing the standard VAT rate from 18% to 20% from 1 January 2019...

13 December 2018
Germany – "German Annual Tax Act 2018" passed. What will change regarding VAT from 1 Jan 2019?

The "German Annual Tax Act 2018" was passed by the Bundesrat on 23 Nov 2018. The following changes apply to VAT: Recording obligations and liability for electronic marketplaces are introduced. The law regulates, for the very first time, the taxation of vouchers...

26 November 2018
Italy - New Italian VAT Group Regime

New provisions about VAT Groups will come into force in Italy starting from January the 1st 2019. For its establishment a declaration of incorporation has to be submitted electronically using the special form available on the website of the Revenue Agency at the following address...

26 November 2018
Germany - No 2nd Class Taxable Person – Holding Companies Entitled to Input VAT Deduction

With its judgement of 17 October 2018 in the Ryanair case, the ECJ confirmed that holding companies do not play a special role in VAT law...

29 October 2018
VAT in the United Arab Emirates

After the implementation of its first consumption tax in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), the Federal Tax Authority (FTA) is continuing to make efforts to make compliance easy for businesses...

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News from the Board

IVA Meeting with the Portuguese Tax Authorities

The International VAT Association (IVA), represented by its President, Stephen Dale, and Board Member, Fátima Gouveia, met with the representatives of the Portuguese Secretary of State for Tax Affairs and of the Portuguese VAT Authority on the 9th of July 2019, in Lisbon. The IVA thanked the authorities for meeting with us at short notice.

Download the full Communique soon available.

News from IVA members

Update from the GST Council Meeting – India

In the 35th Meeting of GST Council under the able leadership of Chairperson and Union Finance...

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News from EC

News from Accountancy Europe - July 2019

Johan's latest contribution to Tax Journal on what's been going on recently in Brussels...

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