IVA re-appointed Member of the EU VAT Forum 2015-2018

We are delighted to announce that the IVA has been re-appointed as a business member of the EU VAT Forum for the period 2015-2018. The IVA's new official representatives are Emmanuel Cotessat and Mike Molony. Congratulations to both of them and we wish them every success in this dialog platform. Emmanuel and Mike replace Stephen and Hilde who were the IVA's delegates appointed in 2012 for the first three year term.

There was significant competition for the limited places available (15) and the result of the selection, (which has been published on the Commission's website Circabc – EU VAT Forum (public group): https://circabc.europa.eu/faces/jsp/extension/wai/navigation/container.jsp ) reflects the recognition of the IVA's importance in the VAT sphere and the reputations of our two delegates, Emmanuel and Mike.

With the present letter I would like to remind you that in March 2015 we set up our Scientific Committee – our body which will support our representatives in the EU VAT Forum.

Please find attached the list with the IVA members of the Scientific Committee. A call will be arranged with the members of the Committee in September to discuss the EU VAT Forum's work programme and the views that the IVA should express.

We thank everyone who volunteered and supported the IVA in this initiative.
List with the members of the Scientific Committee

We will keep you updated about any actions, decisions and requests coming from the EU VAT Forum and our representatives there.

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