Communique from the President of the IVA - Stephen Dale, about the achievements and the development of the Association during 2016

Dear IVA Members,

With the Christmas holidays and the New Year coming closer it is time to take a look back at 2016 and see where we were and where the IVA is standing now. I hope that all of you will agree with me when saying that the IVA has had an incredibly successful 2016 year.

I would like to thank all of you who were involved in the organisation of our biannual conferences in Vienna and Zurich this year. Your input on the conference topics, helping to find prominent speakers and arranging the participation of a number of authorities’ representatives, made these conferences more international and very successful events.

Thank you for continuously sending us updates and news from your countries for our monthly Newsletters. As a result the IVA’s Newsletters have expanded both in quality and quantity and many of you have indicated how it is now becoming a useful tool for you in your everyday businesses.  This is one of the major strengths of your Association – let’s build on this more in 2017 – in particular as there will be lots of news from the EU in the next 12 months

This year we reached 123 full members representing 35 different countries. Thanks to all of you who spent time in promoting our Association at different events and meetings around the world. Without your efforts we could not have achieved these figures.

I would like to use this opportunity to send my special thanks to the members of the IVA Scientific Committee for their regular input on important topics and issues for the EU and the Member States – your contributions into the work of the EU VAT Forum and Expert Group have been invaluable.

With the great help of all the Board members in 2016, the IVA has been pursuing 4 ongoing cases with Member States and the Commission. Several official letters and communiques were sent to the Authorities and to the EC on behalf of our members.

I would summarise by saying that we had one great year for the IVA. Thank you all for your continuous contribution to the International VAT Association. Let’s continue working together in 2017 and determine and modify the VAT and GST world together!

On my behalf and on behalf of the Board of the IVA I wish you a very joyous festive season and a successful and Happy New Year - 2017!


I hope to see you all in Portugal next year in May!


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