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14 January 2014
Meeting with the Dutch Tax Authorities

The International VAT Association (IVA), formed in 1993, is the world’s leading body on international VAT issues, representing the interests of businesses and advisers involved in VAT or equivalent turnover taxes around the globe. In Europe, the IVA’s membership is ...

14 January 2014
Meeting with the German Tax Authorities

As was indicated during the Rome Conference, a meeting has been organized between representatives of the German Tax Authorities and Board Members of the IVA in order to discuss the difficulties that IVA members are facing when claiming VAT back in Germany...

17 November 2013
Meeting held with HMRC on 13th November 2013 regarding the Single VAT Return

The Proposal on a single VAT Return aims to increase cross border trade by reducing administration burdens for business (Stoiber initiative)...

21 October 2013
False invoices (diesel fuel) and VAT

A couple of IVA members have informed us that there are again a significant number of false invoices...

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News from the Board

Communique about the IVA activities in 2018

You can find the document here.

News from IVA members

Spain–Notice about not reaching a BREXIT Agreement

Please be informed that the Spanish authorities have issued a notice informing about the consequences as of March 30, 2019 of not reaching a BREXIT agreement that includes a transitory period, namely...

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News from EC

News from Accountancy Europe - January 2019

European Commission

Commission proposes legislative amendments to improve VAT for e-commerce and anti-fraud measures...

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