12 December 2017

Quebec’s Minister of Finance has recently announced a ‘tax fairness action plan’ which if implemented will require non-resident suppliers of goods and services (including electronic services) in the Canadian province, to register and account for Quebec Sales Tax (QST) on their transactions.

28 November 2017
Switzerland – VAT Law Amendments

Overview of the most significant changes to the partial revision of the Swiss VAT law
as of January 1st, 2018

28 November 2017
Poland - SAF-VAT

VAT taxpayers in Poland are obliged to report data from their VAT records to Tax Authority in the form of a Standard Audit File for VAT (SAF_VAT) by 25th of each month for the preceding month.

28 November 2017
Spain - SII

According to the findings of a study which appeared in an economic magazine some days ago only one out of ten companies within the scope of the SII (around 62,000) were fully compliant with the obligation resulting from the same since, in most cases, they were not aware of them.

28 November 2017
Germany - VAT deduction possible in case of low cost recovery

Service offerings below cost price often result in an excess of input VAT. At the end of 2016, the V. Senate of the German Federal Fiscal Court assumed that an emerging asymmetry would indicate that the person performing the supply was not acting as a taxable person.

28 November 2017
EC publishes details of the VAT regime reform to be introduced by 2022

During October, the European Commission (EC) published details of the fundamental VAT reforms that it plans for member states to implement by 2022.

17 October 2017
World VAT/GST News - 10 2017


The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has opened its VAT registration portal for businesses to register in time for the launch of VAT on the 1st January 2018...

20 September 2017
World VAT/GST - Puerto Rico 09 2017

Puerto Rico is considering the introduction of VAT at 15% on the provision of electronic services in the country.

At present, businesses providing digital services do not have to charge VAT on their sales. However, in an effort to cut its growing state deficit, the Puerto Rican government has announced that it is considering introducing the tax at 15% on the sales of these types of services, which includes sales by foreign businesses.

20 September 2017
World VAT/GST - Kuwait 09 2017

Kuwait has accepted the draft implementation of VAT and excise laws set by the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), which set the VAT rate at 5% in the country.

20 September 2017
World VAT/GST - Brazil 09 2017

Brazil is planning to consolidate its existing complex indirect taxes into a single Value Added Tax (VAT) regime.

The aim is to simplify the complex consumption tax regime currently in place, which in turn should cut the amount of administration hours that businesses in the country spend on calculating, reporting and paying their taxes.

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News from the Board

Fighting VAT Fraud

The IVA directly contributed to the translation of the French translation of the EU VAT FORUM Guide on enhanced cooperation between Member States and Business in the field of fighting VAT fraud in support to the work of the EU VAT FORUM and the Commission.

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News from IVA members

UK – To extend the scope of joint & several VAT liability for online marketplaces

The UK government has confirmed that from 30 June 2018, in an effort to prevent VAT fraud all UK-based businesses that are involved with fulfilling orders of imported goods for third party businesses will need to apply to join a new approved fulfilment house register.

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News from EC

Tax Policy Update – Accountancy Europe

Tax Policy Update – Accountancy Europe

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