World VAT/GST News - October 2018


India now requires all electronic marketplaces to retain a GST lump sum of 2 % of the trader transactions and to remit the amount to the tax office. Thus, online marketplace operators need to register for GST purposes in every Indian state to which supplies are made. Further details, regarding the declaration and payment procedure, have yet to be published.



The Ukrainian Ministry of Finances has announced that the customs exemption for online purchases will have a new threshold. Effective from 1 January 2019, the threshold will be three online purchases amounting to 150 EUR each/per month, instead of the current total of 150 EUR per month.

Exceeding the exemption threshold will result in the application of customs duties, excise duties and VAT on the online purchases.

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News from the Board

Communique about the IVA activities in 2018

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News from IVA members

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