Meeting with HMRC

Stephen Dale and Cyrille Konter represented IVA at the meeting with HMRC which took place on 7th December in Newcastle.

The agenda was very full – see below and a very complete note of the meeting has been made which we have submitted to HMRC for review and sign-off. Please contact Cyrille or Stephen if you have any questions and we will circulate the notes as soon as they are available.

Purpose of the meeting – how the IVA and its members can help work more effectively/efficiently with HMRC

  1. Outstanding files pre-November 2015.
  1. Payments in batches by HMRC
  1. Reference numbers on batches.
  1. Agents not receiving copies of correspondence with clients.
  1. Face vet rejections (tax certificates – non-EU)
  1. Excessive requests for information
  2. Checking that VAT is correctly charged by UK supplier
  1. Scan and destroy ‘original invoices’ and e-invoicing.
  1. Queries to the general e-mail address and communication with HMRC
  2. TOMs - understanding of the application of the special regime
  1. Penalties.
  2. Working together with the IVA – authorised agents?

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