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Cyrille Konter

Cyrille Konter


Short resume: Cyrille KONTER is Managing Partner of TEVEA International, a Paris-based VAT-compliance company and has been working in VAT for almost twenty years. Cyrille has been a member of the Board since 2011 and Treasurer since 2017. Cyrille is also President of the Association of French Tax Representatives in France.

Reasons for his candidature: For the last 10 years, the IVA has significantly changed, adapting to a new VAT environment. Together with the other Board Members, I actively contributed to this evolution.

But new challenges are ahead of us. The digitalization of VAT compliance is probably the most impactful one. We have embraced those challenges and made sure that the Association was indeed recognized as a major stakeholder. 

I am fully committed to keep on contributing to the further evolution of the Association and keep on my role as a Treasurer to maintain the administration of the Association at the highest standards.

Emmanuel Cotessat

Short resume: Emmanuel is a VAT lawyer, Founder and Managing Director of E. Cotessat Law Firm based in Lyon. Emmanuel is member of the IVA since 1995 and a member of the EU VAT FORUM and of the subgroup SANCTIONS AND INTEREST, as well as deputy representative to the VAT Expert Group. 

Reasons for his candidature: The world of VAT and Customs is at a crossroad, quickly shifting to full automation.  The IVA is still the unique organisation to act.

The IVA must remain a point of reference to the EU and national authorities to support and anticipate the changes. This must benefit the members who navigate the changes and catch new opportunities (new intermediary roles for e-commerce or Brexit) and face new challenges (import VAT, fuel refunds …).

The exit of the Covid and international expansion must be a bumper to better work together, attract new members and new knowledge, for our mutual benefit.  


Fabian Völkel

Short resume: Fabian Völkel is Managing Director of VAT4U and is a member of the German TeCIT Club (Association for Technology, E-Commerce and Indirect Taxes). Mr. Völkel previously served as the Managing Director for Ayming Germany, which he helped build into one of the largest VAT reclaim players in the German market.

Reasons for his candidature: As a new IVA board member, I would like to dedicate my time in reviewing the digitalization and use of tax technology within our association. Various national initiatives of tax administrations such as Making Tax Digital as well as planned legislative changes such as the e-commerce package highlight the compelling need to address this topic. I feel my background and current work experience lends itself to support you in this area and assisting the IVA in their exchange with German-speaking tax administrations.

Mr Völkel received his Ph. D from the University of Munster and an LL.M from the University of London.

Fatima Gouveia

Short resume: Fátima Gouveia is a Portuguese Economist, who has been working in cross border VAT for more than 20 years. Comark, Lda. is a member of the IVA since 1998 and has been a Board key player in the association’s lobbying and marketing activities in the last 8 years.

Reasons for her candidature: Having been part of the transformation of the IVA over the last 8 years, I am very much aware that the Association’s members face important challenges in the coming months and years. It is of the utmost relevance to ensure that the IVA’s members are dully heard by the VAT Authorities and that they can provide their input into any major VAT changes’ decision process.

Ft this to happen, it is important that the Board reflects the IVA’s diversity of origins, professional experiences, and company’s sizes, to ensure that all views are dully represented.

Fernando Matesanz

Short resume: Fernando Matesanz has nearly 20 years of experience in VAT. He is a member of the EU Commission´s VAT Forum, and President of the Madrid VAT Forum Foundation, a non-profit organization contributing to the development and promotion of research and training in the knowledge of VAT.

Reasons for his candidature: I present my candidature as I would like to continue contributing with my work to the development and growth of the Association, for the benefit of all its members. In recent years we have managed to provide more and better services to the members of the Association, offering them constant training sessions in the form of webinars. I can humbly say that I have been involved in the development and preparation these webinars and I would like to continue this work for the benefit of all members.

Mojca Grobovsek

Mojca Grobovsek

Short resume: I have been working in the field of VAT for more than 14 years now. I help businesses to identify tax risks and propose them compliant VAT schemes in their cross-border operations. I am also a trainer on indirect taxation and often take part of different conferences and webinars as a speaker.

Reasons for her candidature: The IVA is of tremendous help for its members by providing them high-qualitative conferences, by facilitating a dialogue with Tax administrations and by taking part to discussions with the EC on indirect taxation issues. With regulation and technology, which are layering new pressures on business, the future of VAT is undoubtedly challenging, and the IVA has a key role to play in these developments. Therefore, it would be an honor for me to assist the IVA members in those matters. I am sure my willingness could be an asset for the IVA so, let me be part of this great adventure for 3-years more!

Raymond Feen

Short resume: Raymond Feen is an international VAT consultant located in the Netherlands. He is frequent speaker at international seminars and conferences, organizes trainings for companies, the Federation of Dutch exporters, the Chamber of Commerce and the International VAT Expert Academy (IVEA). His focus is on the international supply chain.

Reasons for his candidature: In my first term as board member of the IVA I was asked to expand the IVA focus to the vast regions outside Europe. Just before Covid I presented to the board the idea to initiate local IVA chapters in India and the GCC. This work is not finished. I want to enable members from outside Europe to meet locally under the IVA umbrella, organize local events for local experts who cannot travel to Europe. As your board member I want to play a role in planning and executing this further expansion of the IVA outside Europe.


Ruth Corkin

Short resume: Technical chair of the VAT Practitioners Group and liaises with HMRC in that role. Indirect Tax Principal at Hillier Hopkins LLP, specialising in VAT, Customs/Excise duties, cross border supplies/supply chains and APD. Enjoys being involved a part of the solution not the problem!

Reasons for her candidature: I have been the representative of the VAT Practitioners Group for the past three years have enjoyed assisting members with UK issues.

I am passionate about what I do. I believe in being engaged with the IVA.  Brexit has been challenging but I believe that the IVA is well placed to provide a holistic approach and maybe expand into Customs as well, using my skills.

I would love to take a more significant role within the IVA and bring my skills to the Board table.

Sandra Prinsloo

Short resume: Sandra comes from South-Africa. She is the Head of Legal Queries for the VATIT Group and has served on the Board of the IVA since May 2020. She has over 3 years’ experience in the cross-border VAT and Compliance space and focusses on the daily issues that face our industry.

Reasons for her candidature: I am the Head of Legal Queries within the VATIT Group focusing on the Cross-Border VAT and Compliance space. I have been acting on the Board of the IVA since May 2020. With the depth and volume of clients our Group services, I am exposed to the daily issues that face both clients and our industry as a whole. I am extremely committed to contributing to the Association, using my team, our resources, and the knowledge we have at our disposal to ensure that the IVA is exposed to our dealings with clients, tax offices and industry professionals alike.
Stephen Dale

Stephen Dale

Short resume: Stephen has worked in VAT for over forty years. Stephen is a member of: Accountancy Europe’s Tax Policy Group, ICAEW’s VAT Committee, VAT Expert Group, Association de la Pratique de la TVA européenne, Association des Représentants Fiscaux Français, OECD’s TAG on consumption taxes. He is also a local councillor.

Reasons for his candidature: I have the privilege to have been part of our Association since the very beginning and, if elected, look forward to personally contributing to the further growth and development of our Association by expanding it globally, extending the range of subject matters of interest to our members and working with stakeholders on policy developments to define the VAT/GST systems of the future.

Your Association is moving forward - we need to maintain this momentum – this requires Board members who have time, energy and enthusiasm – I believe that as a Board member I can help us all achieve our objectives.



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