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Annual subscription

Annual subscriptions for IVA members as they were defined in the Board meeting in October 2010:

Number of employees Annual subs in EUR
up to 25 1000
25 – 50 2000
50 – 100 3000
over 100 5000

Additional fees and conditions for the Annual Conferences

Guests – Temporary Membership

  1. The IVA offers temporary membership for non-members. It includes 6 months with full benefits of the IVA and is not binding.
  2. The temporary membership covers one free participation in one IVA conference.
  3. If the guest would like to continue receiving IVA benefits after the temporary membership expires and attend at a second conference the guest has to apply for membership with the IVA.
  4. The cost of the temporary membership will be set at half of the foreseen annual subscription.

Second delegate

  1. The second (additional) IVA member’s delegate for the October 2024 conference will be charged with 500 EUR per person.

*Business applicants:

If the main business of your company is not taxes, VAT, GST, accounting, compliance etc. then the annual subscription is determined by the numbers of employees in your company’s tax department according to the above table.