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In order to support and encourage the development of the study and research in the field of VAT and GST matters, the IVA has instituted an annual award for the best student paper dedicated to VAT and GST.

The Prize is €1500. In addition, the student who wins is invited, at the expense of the IVA, to attend one of the IVA’s Autumn Conferences where the Prize will be awarded and the winning student presents his/her paper.

The IVA Prize competition is open to all Universities, Colleges and High Schools which have departments that run courses on turnover taxes. The application for the IVA Prize is prepared and presented to the IVA by the relevant Body/Department of the University etc.

Applications are currently open for 2024, please submit your application no later than July 31st, 2024

  • The Prize for the ‘best paper’ will be awarded once per calendar year.
  • The Prize will be awarded to the student, in his/her third year, who in the view of the University has presented the best paper on VAT/GST.
  • The paper should be a thesis subject or a paper of at least 10 000 words on a subject which, in the view of the University, is intellectually challenging and directly related to the enhancement of the study of VAT/GST. The paper should be in English.
  • The nomination for ‘best paper’ from each University will be determined under the sole responsibility of the Universities. The IVA will not partake in the University’s decision as to the ‘best paper’.
  • If the IVA receives more than one application for the Prize, in any one year, the Board of the IVA, together with the Scientific Committee of the IVA, will make the final decision, in their absolute discretion, as to which student the Prize will be awarded.
  • The IVA will have the right to publish on its website the winning ‘best paper’ and the student’s name and his/her picture. The University will ensure that the IVA obtains the rights to publish the paper and the student’s name on its site. Such rights will not be exclusive
  • Download the Sponsorship Application form

  • Complete the application and sign it

  • Address an e-mail to [email protected] with Attn: IVA Board in the email subject line and your application and submission paper attached

  • Submit the application via email no later than July 31st of the calander year.

  • Winning applicants will be notified by email by September

  • If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the IVA. We will get back to you shortly.

Previous Winners

2021 - George Alexander

Congratulations to George Alexander the 2021 Sponsorship winner for his winning paper:

Use of blockchain technology to fight fraud


George Alexander[email protected]

George is a student at Leeds University Law School.

IVA Logo

2020 - Ben Sanders

Congratulations to Ben Sanders the 2020 Sponsorship winner for his winning paper:

VAT in the USA


Ben Sanders[email protected]

Ben is a student at Leeds University Law School.

2019 - Kyriaki Yiallourou

Congratulations to Kyriaki Yiallourou the 2019 Sponsorship winner for her winning paper:

The Limitations of the VAT Gap Measurement


Kyriaki Yiallourou[email protected]

Korina is an associate with the PwC Network Legal Practice in Nicosia. More information about her qualifications and career can be found on her LinkedIn Page.