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News from EC

News from EU, Accountancy Europe – February 2022

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Factsheet: VAT rates – greater flexibility for Member States

European Commission

New study on Immovable Property Taxation for Sustainable and Inclusive Growth

The EC has published a new study that provides an overview of recurrent property taxation in EU Member States. It also investigates ways in which recurrent property taxation can maintain economic efficiency, help reduce inequality and support environmental goals. 

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Commission launches public consultation on VAT in the digital age

The consultation was published on 21 January and will run until 15 April. The consultation seeks stakeholders’ views on whether the current value-added tax (VAT) rules are adapted to the digital age, and on how digital technology can be used both to help Member States fight VAT fraud and to benefit businesses. Views are sought particularly on VAT reporting obligations and e-invoicing, the VAT treatment of the platform economy, and the use of a single EU VAT registration.

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European Parliament

European Parliament adopts resolution on 6th VAT Directive

European Parliament (EP) Plenary adopted on 14 February a draft report on the 6th VAT Directive, with a margin of 510 votes in favour, 74 votes against and 108 abstentions. The report was prepared by MEP Olivier Chastel (RE/Belgium). This non-binding report does not force EC or the Council to any course of action. 

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MEP Questions & Replies

EC explains how its VAT reform plans will support SMEs


  • Question by MEP Angelika Niebler (EPP/Germany)
  • Reply by Commissioner Gentiloni

International Developments

Accountancy Europe publishes overview of key provisions in Council’s VAT rates agreement

Following Council’s agreement on EU VAT rates reform in December 2021, Accountancy Europe published on 14 February a paper outlining the key features of the compromise. It provides a comprehensive overview of how the Council agreement differs from the original EC proposal, and from the status quo.

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