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News from EU, Accountancy Europe – September 2022

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European Commission

Commission launches VAT infringements against 5 Member States

The European Commission (EC) announced in its 20 July infringements package that it is sending a letter of formal notice to Belgium, Greece, Spain, Austria and Portugal since they have not transposed the value-added tax (VAT) Directive by the deadline of 30 June 2022. This relates, specifically, to the new rules on the VAT and excise duty treatment of defence efforts undertaken within the EU and within the NATO umbrella.

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European Parliament

FISC publishes study on regulation of tax advice

The much-anticipated study was finally published on 2 August. It was commissioned by the Subcommittee on Tax Matters (FISC) to inform their work on the topic.

The study provides an overview of tax intermediaries’ regulatory landscape and presents a comparative analysis of five countries – Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands, Italy and the UK. It shows that many professions provide tax advisory services, including tax advisers, lawyers, accountants, bankers and wealth managers, and that many disparities exist between countries.

The study also underlines that tax advice will always involve professional judgment that cannot be replaced by additional reporting obligations or technology.

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Germany’s Olaf Scholz calls for end to tax unanimity in EU decision making

The Chancellor spoke at the Prague University on 29 August, where he outlined his vision for the future of the EU. He emphasised that before the EU can enlarge even further, it must change its governance and decision-making procedures to ensure that it does not become paralysed with a larger membership. In this light, Scholz argued that for example the unanimity rule for tax decision-making should be scrapped.

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