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Norway – Expansion of the VOEC Scheme for Services

By January 23, 2023No Comments

There have been some resent changes to the Norwegian legislation, with effect from 01.01.2023.

These changes relate to the VOEC-scheme, which is the simplified scheme for online sales of goods and services to Norwegian consumers.

With effect from 01.01.2023, the VOEC scheme has been expanded from only applying to low value goods and electronic services to also include all services capable of delivery from a remote location (remotely deliverable services) – for example, legal services, translation services and consulting services. This means that all foreign (non-Norwegian) companies, who sell such services to Norwegian consumers, must register through the VOEC-scheme, or alternatively register ordinarily for Norwegian VAT.

The above information was kindly provided by Rune Plener from Momspartner Representant AS (Norway). If you need more information, please contact Rune directly at: [email protected].