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The EUCJ published its annual report

By May 29, 2024No Comments

The Selection of major judgments is an annual publication that contains the résumés of the main decisions of the Court of Justice and the General Court of the European Union. The first edition, published in 2023, is a collection of résumés of decisions delivered in 2022.

This publication presents the most important developments in the case-law, as identified by the two Courts. It thus provides legal professionals with a summary analysis of the main developments in the case-law over the previous year.

The Selection of major judgments is in the form of a compilation of résumés, grouped by subject matter according to a system inspired by the structure of the Treaties of the European Union. As regards the Court of Justice, all the résumés of the decisions delivered by the Grand Chamber have been included, as have the résumés of certain judgments of the Chambers of five Judges, in light of their importance, the matters dealt with, their interest to the public and their novelty. The selection for the General Court has followed a similar logic. For each résumé, a hyperlink is provided to the text of the decision, giving immediate access to its content.

Link to the annual report:

The above information was kindly provided by Jean Aubert from DFDS A/S (Denmark). If you need further information, please contact Jean Aubert at: [email protected].